Your Love List 2020

This love list is full of products, experiences, books, and tools that make life a little better!

When I wrote and published the first Love List edition in 2018, it was an immediate hit, which indicates to me that our community loves finding out about new amazing products and experiences that can assist them in living their best life.

The Love List from 2018 was composed solely of products and experiences from my own life, however this year we wanted to hear from you. Therefore, we put this year’s Love List together mixing my favorite items as well as products from our community members to make a list that is truly off the charts awesome!


      • Products – Lifestyle products to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Things that beautify you naturally while also elevating your consciousness.
      • Experiences – Transformational experiences to awaken, inspire, and raise your frequency.
      • Books – Heartfelt books to expand your awareness and transform your life.
      • Tools – Tools to connect deeper with your spirit.

May you enjoy everything that your magical 2020 LOVE LIST has to offer!



FREDIfredi shanna lee love list


I found Focus by Fredi, and being the self-experimenter that I am, I was excited to try it!

I decided to try a small dose at first, as my body is quite sensitive, and I’ve never felt like it.

It gave me calm focused energy as well as an overall sense of wellbeing. I also felt like I was able to process information faster. I’m personally not a fan of the jittery feeling you can get from coffee, so finding something like Focused by Fredi, that provides me with more stable energy throughout the day, has been a blessing.


Focused by Fredi is an all-natural nootropic. It was developed by Chelsea, a serial entrepreneur, and Mitch Glaser, a former investment banker who was forced to reevaluate how he was living his life after a burnout caused by overworking. With a vision to help other people thrive physically, they created Focused by Fredi, a safe all-natural supplement specially designed for women.


Focused by Fredi is a safe way to get more energy during the day and an increase in cognitive ability without any nasty side-effects you may get from coffee. The product contains natural caffeine from green coffee bean, L-theanine, an amino acid which supports focus and help soothe the nervous system, Citicoline, which increases neurotransmitter energy, Lion’s Mane, a mushroom shown to slow down aging in the brain, and Aswagandha root, which is known to provide long-lasting energy and assisting the body in coping with stress and replenishing the adrenal glands.

Check out Fredi and get 15% off your first order by using  “SOULFREQUENCY15” at checkout or click here to get your discount! 



c60 shanna lee love list


I found out about Carbon 60 from a close friend of mine who recommended I implement it into my health regime. I very quickly felt the effects of it. Overall, I have more energy and faster recovery after workouts.


Carbon 60 is a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms with an appearance similar to a soccer ball. It’s a super-antioxidant that was shown in a study to be 270 times more powerful than vitamin C.


Benefits reported from the use of C60 include a reduction in inflammation, better immune system function, and higher energy levels. It’s also being used as a protection aid against electromagnetic radiation.

Check out C60 here!



Discovery:Now Alchemy Shanna Lee love list

I found out about Ormus at The Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles back in 2019, where I came across Archer Love, the creator. He had a booth there with Ormus, and I decided to try it out.


The main ingredient in Ormus is gold, which is claimed to greatly assist the process of detoxification. Ormus also contains Frankincense and Myrrh, as well as sacred plant infusions such as Rose, Egyptian Blue, and White Lotus. It also contains numerous different kinds of trace minerals.


In ancient times, gold was widely recognized for its benefits in relation to health and beauty. It has been recognized for its ability to treat a variety of illnesses, such as acne, mood disorders, depression. Ormus is also a great product to used as an aid in ascension and is, therefore, a very powerful manifestation tool.

Check out Now Alchemy Ormus or their other products and get 10% off!



Discovery:Crystalline essence Shanna Lee love list

My entire family loves Crystalline Essence and we use them all the time! I use them in every room, in between clients, and use them in rituals or ceremonies. They smell amazing and they are truly magical products. The creator Gina Covel, is a registered nurse, turned alchemist, with a deep love for nature received intuitive guidance on how to make these after she helped a friend open up a metaphysical store in Los Angeles. I love her products so much that I had to invite her as a guest on The Soul Frequency Show.


Gina has put all of her expertise into making these products. Everything about aromatherapy, vibrational therapy, and the healing properties of crystals. The sprays contain essential oils, distilled water, as well as the vibrational frequencies crystals artwork, and different things.


She has a great number of different sprays and elixirs. One of my favorites sprays is ‘Magic’, which holds the vibration of hibiscus, chickweed, twinflower, Tiger eye, and selenite. She also has one for Love, Angel Blessings, Confidence, and she has a whole set for the chakras.

Check out Crystalline Essence sprays here!



Discovery:Soul Drops Shanna Lee love list

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I came across a sponsored ad for something called Soul Drops. I didn’t even know what it was, but I felt drawn to it, so I headed over to their website and then decided to try their products.

The evening when I received the Soul Drops, I tried the one called Lun, which has become a favorite of mine. As I was getting ready for bed, I put a few drops in water and drank it.

Initially, I felt nothing out of the ordinary, however, once my head hit the pillow, I immediately hit dreamland. That night, I believe I slept deeper than I’d ever slept before. It was a deep restful sleep, and when I woke up the next morning, I could feel that a restorative process had taken place during the night. I was very impressed and decided to reach out to the creator, Vlada – and I invited her to come on as a guest on  The Soul Frequency Show.


Soul Drops are hand-made plant supplements that are created with the intention to increase levels of health and to assist in the healing of mind, body, and spirit. The technology of Soul Drops has been used for thousands of years in the shamanic healing tradition.

The Soul Drops come in four different variations with their own unique purposes – Sol, Lun, Cosmos, and Mind.


The Sol product is made for use during the day as it very yang, which is light, up- and-go action-based energy. Sol gives you a boost of positive energy, an enhanced sense of mental clarity, and it supports physical and emotional balance.

Lun is the moon to Sol’s sun and is yin and contracted in its energy. It will help calm down your body and mind before bed and connect you with your Divine feminine aspect. It also assists in the process of awakening.

Cosmos, when taken during the day, connects you with your creative energy and inspiration. Taken at night it soothes and repairs your subconscious mind by inducing deep restful sleep.

Mind is a great product to assist with productivity as it makes you more focused and better able to retain information.

Check out Soul Drops here!




Wendy Myers, the creator of the product is a great friend of mine and she gave it to me before they launched it and I started wearing it. The pendant brings you into a calm, peaceful state and brings the body out of fight-flight mode and into rest and digest, which is where the healing process takes place. When I wear it, it I feel peaceful but at the same time energized, like I’ve just come out of meditation.


The Harmoni Pendant is designed to both protect and correct the energy field of those who carry it. Some of the benefits of wearing the pendant include EMF protection, more energy, pain relief, stress relief and Harmoni Pendant Shanna Lee love listimproved mental clarity. It has also been found to improve athletic performance and is being used by professional athletes who have reported experiencing huge benefits.

Supermodel Elle MacPherson said the following about the Harmoni Pendant:

I love mine. I have noticed faster recovery, better sleep, and a more balanced nervous system.”


We are constantly being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt the harmony of our own energy field. And while there exist many different devices that can protect us from dirty frequencies in our home, the Harmoni Pendant is genius due to the fact that it follows and protects us wherever we go. The pendant looks great and is an easy way to ensure overall protection from EMF.

Get up to 50% off on a Harmoni Pendant – perfect for holiday gifts!




I’ve been using skincare products from Annmarie for years now. I swear by them and they’re the only products I trust to use on my skin. This skin came into my awareness after a friend gave me a sample – I’ve been in love with them ever since.


Annmarie and Kevin Gianni are the amazing people behind these products. Their skincare line is completely natural, organic, and cruelty-free. All ingredients are “hand-selected and infused in base-oils and aloe juice, and then crafted using additional plant extracts and ingredients to make them as effective as possible.”Annmarie Shanna Lee love list


This skincare line has so many wonderful products with their own unique purposes. Some of my absolute favorites that I use frequently are: Wild Fruit SerumCitrus Mint Cleanser, Purifying Mud Mask, and Herbal Facial Oil.



Discovery:Blushield Shanna Lee love list

Over the years, I’ve been thinking a lot about how electromagnetic radiation affects our bodies. One day I found an article about scalar energy through an article and decided to try this product from Blushield. I immediately felt an energetic connection to the product, and my experience with it was wild. I felt a wave of energy in the room. Both me and my son Jameson could feel it, and it was so intense I almost needed to take a nap. After about an hour, my body had adjusted and I felt normal again. I was in awe of the experience I had with Blushield and so I invited Brandon Amalani, the company owner, to come on as a guest on The Soul Frequency Show .


When I discovered Blushield, I only ordered the plugin felt a real difference in the energy in the house. We now have the plugin upstairs and the cube downstairs.

The powerful and unique thing about Blushield is that it has the ability out-compete the harmful frequencies. Instead of attempt to block the harmful frequencies, the Blushield introduces the body to a better alternative by emitting beneficial frequencies. Our bodies will then choose to attune to the benevolent frequencies when there’s a competition.


Various symptoms have been linked to exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation, including insomnia, dizziness, lack of concentration and depression.

As someone who works with energy every day and is extremely sensitive to it, I make sure to do whatever I can to mitigate the effects of EMF on my body. EMFs, however, are a part of life on the planet at this time, and so it’s important that we pay attention to how it affects us and that use devices, like Blushield, to aid us in protection.

Check out Blushield EMF devices and get 10% off here!


Discovery:paw pad Shanna Lee love  list

Anna was a part of The Soul Frequency Experience and the Paw Pad is her son Julien’s product. It was created to help dogs be more comfortable as they have a senior dog with arthritis.


Julien went on to create the product to help her and the other pets out there that need better beds. The pad is made with human grade memory foam and is super comfy!


A must-have for every dog-owner who wants their four-legged loved one to be as healthy and vital as possible.

Check out the Paw Pad here!




Ultimate longevity Shanna Lee love list

A while back, I began doing research on “grounding,” which is essentially about connecting to the Earth. While I was doing research on this concept, I came across Clint Ober’s documentary Earthing and was fascinated by the information it provided. I recognized the information as both important and brilliant and so I decided to invest in a couple of Clint’s inventions, the Grounding Mat and the Grounding pillow-case. I put the mat on my bed and when I laid down, I felt extremely heavy and completely relaxed. Now, while I’ve always been able to sleep well, the mat and the pillowcase took my sleep to another level.


Clint had a health challenge that made him reevaluate how he was living his life – he left his job in telecommunications and went on a four- year road trip where he experienced a series of synchronistic events. One day in Arizona, he sat on a park bench when he noticed a tour bus full of people stopped right next to him. As the passengers got out of the bus, he noticed that everyone was wearing stiff shoes, which led him to the question: “I wonder if there are consequences to humans not being grounded.” This led him to experimentation and ultimately the development of the grounding products.


Our bodies are electrical, and we need the negatively charged electrons from the Earth. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the ability to spend as much time out in nature as we’d like. Grounding lowers inflammation in the body and is necessary in order to thrive, as all of us are in fact, as Clint Ober said: “Nature up walking around”.

The Grounding products from Ultimate Longevity are an effective and convenient way for the body to equalizes itself to the energy of Earth during sleep. The purpose of the Grounding mat and pillow-case is to make it easy for people to get the healing benefits of grounding at a time when it’s convenient for most.

Check out the Ground Therapy Sleep Mat and Pillow Cover here!






Sober curious Shanna Lee love list

This book is very dear to my heart as I, myself, have been ‘sober curious’ for years. I hadn’t, however, found a proper title that accurately described my relationship with alcohol– and therefore, it was so wonderful to find Ruby Warrington’s brilliant book. I enjoyed the book so much that I invited Ruby on The Soul Frequency Show to continue the important discussion.


In this book, Ruby brings up a very important conversation about the role of alcohol in our lives. In our society, the previous discussions about alcohol have been quite black and white in nature – where most people drink and where those who choose not to assumably have issues around it. There haven’t, however, been many ‘sober curious’ discussions until now.


This book is a must-read for anyone who is curious about life without alcohol and who want to explore the role alcohol plays in their life.

Grab a copy of Sober Curious here!




Magdalen Manuscript Shanna Lee love list

I was almost literally drawn to this book. The author, Tom Kenyon began his channeling career with in-person events at a local metaphysical bookstore near me in Southern California. My dear friend is a big fan of his work and used to mention him often. I never read one of his books, but when I found this particular book, I felt a deep connection to it.


The book consists of three parts:

It begins with a channeled story from Mary Magdalen about her deep love relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, known as Jesus Christ, then it moves on to describe Tom Kenyon’s alchemy – then Judi Sion’s personal story.


This book is about the rising of the Divine Feminine at this time. It’s a very activating book – definitely a deep dive for people feeling connected to the lineage of Isis.

Grab a copy of the Magdalen Manuscript here!




Eileen Day Mckusick Shanna Lee love list

I met Eileen when she was a guest on The Soul Frequency Show. I loved her book and read it cover to cover as I deeply resonated with the information and recognized it as powerful. I truly believe sound is the future of how we are going to heal ourselves and shift our energy.


The book provides a detailed overview of the biofield around the human body (Biofield Anatomy Map). Her methodology involves using sound to clear dissonant tones and frequencies caused by life stressor like toxins, emotional pain and trauma and bringing the body back into harmonic resonance


This book is great for anyone who is curious about alternative healing through therapeutic sound.

Check out Tuning the Human Biofield here!




marie kondo

Marie Kondo’s book is familiar to many as it’s been popular for quite some time now.

It was, however, first brought to my attention when it was given to me by someone who claimed it had changed their life. I’m, of course, intrigued by ‘life-changing’ products, so I finally got around to read her book. And boy, did it change my life (and my closet)!


Her book about tidying up is about just that – tidying up. This may not sound incredibly interesting to most people however, KonMari’s method is no ordinary method. She goes into very specific details on how to tidy up the house in a way that transforms the looks and frequency of one’s home and most importantly – how to make the change last.


I’ve never considered myself to be a completely organized person, and I was caught up in the idea that one is either born a tidying wizard or one is not – Never in my wildest dreams had I been able to imagine that I could have fun tidying up my home. That was, of course, up until the moment when I laid my hands on this book. I read it cover to cover, and once I was done something inside of me had shifted. The thought of tidying up actually made me happy – and so I transformed my house. If you need a fresh boost of energy in your house and in your life, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.

Check out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up here!




David Berceli Shanna Lee love list

I have a friend who teaches TRE, and I met the writer this book and the creator of these exercises, Dr. David Berceli, when I invited him on the podcast. He’s such a kind soul and we hit it off immediately. The podcast interview led us to do an online TRE session together, which was quite a profound experience for me. It was especially interesting to see how the body problem-solved and reorganized itself. It was intriguing to experience how my left side was different from my right side in the movements it was doing; one side felt more angry or forceful, where the other side felt more rhythmic. I felt like my body knew what to do. My body and its ability to heal itself never ceases to amaze me.


Dr. Berceli created the TRE exercises after living in war zones in the Middle East and Africa. He observed how people would shake in terror, and while his clinical background had taught him that this wasn’t good, he started asking himself if the tremoring could actually be of benefit to the body. This led to down a path of doing more research on the issue, and ultimately to develop the exercises outlined in this book. There are seven TRE exercises and they are easy to follow. The exercises activate a mild tremoring in the body that leads the body to release tension and stress in a completely natural way and brings the body back to a relaxed state.


The book is quite moving to read – it introduces the reader to a number of different people, the way they are using TRE and the benefits they are seeing. There are many benefits to TRE, including reduced symptoms of PTSD, improved physical performance, less muscle tension and pain in the body. So, whether you are recovering from severe emotional trauma or mild inevitable stressors from everyday life, this book will help you.

Check out Shake It Off Naturally here!





Sunllighten Shanna Lee Love list

Sunlighten Sauna has been my friend for a long time. I first got into detoxing over ten years ago when I started my healing journey and at the time it was one of my favorite health tools. I began detoxing like crazy, and it was truly a blessing to get all of the toxins out of my system. After a while, life happened. I got busy and forgot about it for a while until the universe reminded me of the wonders of the infrared sauna once again. After a week of consistent sauna use, my body felt so much happier. And my Sunlighten Sauna and I have not been separated since.


Infrared light therapy is associated with a whole host of health benefits – everything from weight loss and lower blood pressure to better immunity. Sauna therapy is a healing method that’s been around for over a thousand years and is a great way of supporting our organs during the detoxification process by getting toxins out through the skin. An infrared sauna is hotter than a traditional dry sauna and therefore you sweat more which ultimately leads to greater benefits.


Sunlighten Sauna is the global leader in infrared technology, and their saunas are powerful healing tools everybody should implement in their health regimen – especially if you are dealing with any kind of health issues. It’s obviously great for physical detox but it’s also great for emotional detox as the water in our body is storing emotion. Therefore, if you’re going through emotional turmoil, getting into an infrared sauna may be tremendously beneficial.

Check out Sunlighten Saunas here!




justgetflux shanna lee love list

F.lux has been a great friend to me as I often spend time on my computer late in the evening. The blue light from the computer screen can be straining to the eyes during night-time.


F.lux is computer software that adjusts the color of the computer screen according to time of day and to your location, ensuring that night-time computer-use doesn’t disturb sleep patterns. F.lux is available for both phone and computer.


Essential software for anyone who is using their phone or computer later in the evening.

Check out F.Lux here!






felicia bender love list

Dr. Felicia Bender was a guest on The Soul Frequency Show and we connected instantly. I’ve been diving into numerology for a long time, however, I felt guided to do a session with Felicia – an intensive power session. I found the information she provided me with to be incredibly eye-opening. During my power session with her, she introduced me to a new branch of numerology that I had never looked at before called “Pinnacles”. Discovering the pinnacles (stages) of my life gave me so much awareness about my past and what is to come in the future. She also told me about my ‘challenge number’, and learning about this felt like a huge realization.


Felicia’s Numerology Intensive Power Session is designed for those who want to dig deep into their numerological profile. In the session, Felicia teaches you about your life path, pinnacles, challenge numbers, and more. It’s a 90-minute deep-dive chat that includes your chart, plus the charts of two other people you would like to know about “by the numbers”.


We shouldn’t go through anything alone, so whatever system of understanding ourselves better we may resonate with is worthwhile. During the session with Felicia, she is providing a framework for you to be better able to understand the themes and energies that are at play during the distinct stages of your life- so that, as Felicia herself says: “you’re able to show up at the right time in the right outfit.”

Schedule an Intensive Power Session here!




erin claire shanna lee

I had Human Design expert, Erin Claire Jones as a guest on The Soul Frequency Show a few years ago. At the time her business was expanding. She has now provided over 6000 blueprints to people around the world helping them understand their unique design.


A 30-page, comprehensive guide to how you are uniquely designed to lead, make decisions, communicate, cultivate relationships, and so much more. It’s beautiful and made especially for you.


As human beings, we are all so different, and Human Design is a great tool for those who want to connect with their individuality and get a blueprint for how they can live in accordance with their unique nature.

Get 10% off of your Human Design Blueprint by using the discount code “Infinite” at checkout!




floreska designs shanna lee love list

This incredible shop was recommended to me by a community member; Anna.


Floreska Designs is a floral shop that makes the most beautiful flower crowns and it’s run by a beautiful soul, Isabella. Her designs are for “the naturally curious nature-lovers, relationship-driven who thrive in open, authentic settings; the free spirits who are wild at heart.”


Isabella’s flower crowns are a wonderful experience for those who love flowers.

Check out Floreska Designs here!




watsu shanna lee love list

My amazing bodywork practitioner kept insisting I try Watsu. For a while I hesitated,

however, when she asked me a third time, I knew it was a sign and I decided to give it a try – and so I did. The first time I tried it, I had a profound healing experience.

I would describe the warm water and the gentle movements as almost like returning to the safety of the womb. I’ve found this work to be relaxing, deeply healing, and to help release trapped emotions, physical pain, and even increase flexibility.


In ancient Egypt, water was compensation for the freedom that the soul loses in its bodily form. Watsu is the world’s first form of Aquatic Bodywork. Like massage, it can be applied professionally or shared with family and friends.

Warm water, unconditional holding and treating the body as a whole, creates a space safe enough for the one in our arms to access every level of their being. Adapting Watsu’s established form to each, and Free Flow engages our whole being.


Watsu is a form of hydrotherapy that includes stretching, massage and finger pressure. It’s used as a treatment to alleviate pain, muscle tension, depression and more.

Find out more about Watsu here!


I hope you have enjoyed The Soul Frequency Love List 2020 as much as I have enjoyed sharing some of my LOVES and our community’s LOVES!  Wishing you all kinds of joy in discovering new things to elevate your life.  Much love and gratitude!


Let me show you how to transform your life!

Grab your copy of The Soul Frequency Book and start building your healthy, awakened and authentic life.


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