Scalar Energy and EMF | Brandon Amalani

What effect does modern living have on our bodies and energy fields? Could electronics and WiFi signals be causing mystery symptoms in people? Technology’s invisible pollution has more impact than many of us realize! Let’s learn about scalar energy and EMF.

Here are some common symptoms thought to be caused by harmful electromagnetic fields:

—Sleep disturbances/insomnia
—Depression/depressive symptoms
—Itchy skin
—Lack of concentration
—Changes in memory
—Shorter attention span

A while back, I found an article on scalar energy and tried a product made by BluShield for EMFs—I could immediately feel the shift in energy, and so did my son! I got in touch with the owner of the company and invited him on to the show today to talk about this technology and how it’s different (and better!) from other solutions for EMFs.

My guest, Brandon Almani, is the Owner and President of BluShield Global USA, which produces science-backed EMF protection products. Brandon has over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, and he knows a lot about EMFs and the studies done on them.

Ready to learn all about electromagnetic fields and how they affect us? Click that play button to hear this episode of the Soul Frequency Podcast with Brandon Almani.

In this podcast episode:

—What are electromagnetic frequencies?
—How do EMFs interact with the body?
—Studies around EMFs and what they found
—Ways to protect yourself against harmful frequencies

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  1. Roger Wu

    Where can a cube be purchased?

    • Shanna

      Hi Roger! You can purchase here and save 10% with the code “soulfrequency” at checkout.


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