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Shanna is an intuitive coach who will lead you to identify the things in your life that are out of alignment. She takes a holistic approach to help you address the root causes of what’s holding you back from fulfillment, authenticity, alignment, and joy. Once you have clarity on your core purpose, Shanna guides you through practical steps and energetic shifts you can make to manifest your highest potential.

Mastery Program


Shanna guides you through her unique process to awakening your soul’s core mission through 1:1 coaching sessions. Through this in-depth work together, Shanna will guide you through discovering your truth, realigning your energy, and manifesting your most authentically fulfilling life.

During this 6 month commitment, you get:

  • Twelve 1-hour calls with Shanna
  • Between-session support via text or voice message
  • Access to the sacred tools that will help you raise your energetic frequency

Ready to activate your soul mission?

Intro Session


Begin discovering what it is that is out of alignment and holding you back from your most authentically fulfilling life. Through this single 1-hour session with Shanna, you can begin gaining the clarity you seek as you pursue more for your life.

Ready to discover your next steps?

“I have worked with Shanna for nearly 5 years, and during that time and space, she has truly become my soul sister. Life is energy – and Shanna’s unique gifts have continued to illuminate my path to an intentional, high-vibration life. Even for those of us who do provide energy work to others, it is so important to find support in people like Shanna, who are at the top of their game and have the vision and talent to push this discipline forward.”

Teri Cochrane
Founder, Global Sustainable Health Institute

“There has to be a way to express the incredible shifts in my life as a result of a few short months. I have been through every therapy process possible and never experienced the healing power of energy movement nor understood the power of stagnant energy in our bodies, physical & emotional. I am forever grateful for Shanna and her generosity of her whole heart. She believes in you enough for two until you believe in yourself.”

Leslie Harrington
Pre-Diabetes Educator

“I can honestly say that working with Shanna changed my life. This work put me on a trajectory to live as the full version of myself. She wisely and lovingly guides you to find your path in your own time. I trust my intuition. I honor what serves me and I let go of what doesn’t with ease and confidence. What I love the most is that I have tools to navigate what life throws at me for the rest of my life. I’m forever grateful for this woman and the work she has been put on this earth to do.”

Eden Espinosa
Singer/Songwriter and Broadway Star

“When I first started working with Shanna; I was very much stuck in a rut. Building my business had become a priority and my life had taken a back seat. She pointed out in a very gentle way how I was being driven by subconscious patterns. Immediately after Shanna shed light on this, things began to shift. My energy improved and I began to establish a much healthier work-life balance. The difference I feel is incredible and I know things will continue to shift in amazing ways.”

Dr. Sheila Kilbane
Founder, Infinite Health

When you work with Shanna

Your intuitive capabilities will expand.
You will connect with universal guidance to gain clarity on next steps.
Your core Truths will be identified and new perspectives on your life will be realized.
New opportunities in relationships, abundance, health, and career will manifest in your life.

Ready to raise your Soul Frequency?


Morning Meditation Freebie

This guided meditation will help you start your day feeling peaceful, energized, and ready to embrace more joyful thoughts and feelings throughout the day.



6 Weeks to Awaken Your Intuitive Gifts, Elevate Your Frequency, and Activate Your Soul Mission


Order Shanna’s bestselling book: The Soul Frequency

This book sets itself apart from other life coaching books by taking you into the unseen world of energy and emotion.

You will gain the confidence, clarity, and courage to reconnect with your very own soul frequency, making every dimension of your life healthier, lighter and more fulfilling.

What TSF Readers Are Saying:

“Shanna Lee’s process is straightforward and concise providing anyone access to delve into transformation on a deeper level. This is not your mother’s self-help book; rather, this is a glimpse into the future of happier, healthier, informed women who know their power as creative forces in the universe! After reading, you will inevitably know more about yourself, but also, the ancient wisdom that our current science is finally catching up to understanding. This is a must read for women of all ages and stages of their journey who are ready to step out of the cave and explore and discover their infinite potential.”

– Jenn

As someone who has read just about every self-help book around, I am happy to report that this one is the real deal. Rather than spending countless pages explaining HOW we get disconnected from being the best, most radiant versions of ourselves, this author goes straight to the root cause. It’s all about vibration – or as she calls it, frequency. And when we raise our frequency (which she tells us exactly how to do in every aspect of our lives), everything we create gets bumped to the next level of awesome.

– Bethany

If you have not yet bought this book buy it, do it now.!!! This is bold, brilliant, inspiring, transformative and healing. I have worked with this angel personally and she gave me the strength and wisdom to break patterns that were only holding me back. Once I released limiting patterns, all the gifts that were waiting to be revealed were revealed in a matter of days!! This woman is a gift and speaks a beautiful truth of how to get unstuck and breakthrough to a whole new frequency.
– Teri

It’s time to awaken your soul’s core mission.

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