The Intuitive Frequency Coaching Method blends intuitive insights with actionable steps to clear unconscious patterns, heal body and mind, access inner guidance and create a powerful life.

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What is Intuitive Frequency Coaching?

  • A series of one-on-one coaching sessions conducted by phone
  • Shanna will provide intuitive insights on the areas of life you most want clarity on including physical health, relationships, business/career, and financial abundance
  • During the coaching sessions she will help you create the life experiences you want to be having and let go of painful or undesirable experiences
  • The intension of the coaching sessions is for you to receive guidance, gain clarity and be supported in taking action on what you would like to create in your life be it better health, more financial abundance, loving relationships, greater self-love, or discovering and developing your greatest gifts and purpose.
  • The coaching sessions will be interactive.  You will share, ask questions and be supported in the ways that feel best to you.
  • Shanna will share many tools, tips and resources that will help you take action on what you want to create.

How Does Intuitive Frequency Coaching work?

  • Shanna will intuitively guide you through a series of conversations to release the unconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding you back
  • By virtue of making the unconscious conscious, you will be able to transmute energy that is no longer serving you
  • Shanna will share practical knowledge that works with the conscious mind to help you create the body and life you want as well as deeper inner work that helps you understand the role of your thoughts and emotions
  • You will be raising your frequency through powerful coaching conversations and moving old energy out of your life to create a clearing for the new
  • You will connect with universal guidance to gain clarity on next steps
  • Most women naturally start to experience less struggle, feel more freedom and find that taking action becomes easier
  • Your current habits may start to shift naturally toward ones that are healthier and that support your greatest intentions for your life
  • You can expect to have new opportunities and supportive people come into your life as a result of raising your energetic frequency
  • You will find more synchronistic events happening in your life and you will connect to your own intuition and feel more confident listening to its guidance.


“Working with Shanna has done exactly what she intended it would: revealed to me what I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Her intuition and wisdom of experience make her the most sensitive, generous, compassionate and challenging teacher I’ve ever had the privilege from which to learn. She led me to uncover the very simple reasons beneath my behaviors and belief sets that have been undermining and sabotaging me for most of my life. These powerful discoveries were incredibly freeing and have served to open up my life, career and relationships in the most magical ways. Shanna gave me permission to dream again. I have gained invaluable tools for living a more fulfilling, balanced and healthy lifestyle.”

~Shoshana Bean


“There has to be a way to express the incredible shifts in my life as a result of a few short months. Shanna has a way of giving me awesome visual cues and imagery as to how the flow of this energy in my body and mind are holding me back from success, love, progress, & abundance. She is genuine, there for you when you need her the most, and opens doors to part of your soul that you did not know existed. I have been through every therapy process possible and never experienced the healing power of energy movement nor understood the power of stagnant energy in our bodies, physical & emotional. I am forever grateful for Shanna and her generosity of her whole heart. She believes in you enough for two until you believe in yourself.”

~ Leslie Harrington

“Shanna is an angel on earth and working with her has changed my life. Her program is unlike any other I’ve tried before. She has an unique way of peeling the layers off to get to the core of the issue….and embodies the highest frequency to build you back up and leave you feeling inspired. I’m finishing her program feeling healthy, aware and powerful. I will never be able to thank her enough for the care she took with my feelings, her kindness while walking me through every challenge and the gentle hand she used to help build the healthiest me I’ve ever been!!!”

~ Kamilah Marshall


“When I first started working with Shanna; I was very much stuck in a rut. Building my business had become first and the joy in my life had certainly taken a back seat. She pointed out in a very gentle way how I was being driven by subconscious patterns and if I continued to allow my life to be run by this subconscious thought process, my world would continue to get smaller and smaller. It was a frightening reality and I knew she was spot on. Immediately after Shanna shed light on this, things began to shift. My energy improved and I regained the desire to spend time with friends I had been avoiding. I also started opening myself up to romance again and established a much healthier work-life balance. The difference I feel is incredible and I know things will continue to shift in amazing ways.”

~ Dr. Sheila Kilbane


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