Deep Love Rocking Relationships

Deep Love Rocking Relationships | The Soul Frequency Show #31

Who wants a rocking relationship and soulful sex? Well, this is a super simple one to answer!  Who doesn’t want to have more fulfilling, connected and loving relationships?  We live in a time of increasing disconnection due to the distractions of technology, the pace of life...

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awakening your greatness

Awakening Your Greatness | The Soul Frequency Show #30

What is an awakening experience? This is a tough one to answer, as it can look different from person to person.  The common through line of awakening to your greatness is a change in perspective on life and an increase in self-awareness.  I don’t know about...

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Mind Body Medicine | The Soul Frequency Show #25

You may have heard of the term MindBody medicine, but have you ever heard about the octaves of consciousness? This episode will have you loving MindBody medicine like never before and broadening your definition of it. This episode is going to raise your frequency and expand...

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building self esteem

Building Self Esteem | The Soul Frequency Show #24

Self-esteem is foundational to living a fulfilled life.  It is only by understanding how self-esteem is built that we can start being mindful about continuing to create an empowered life from the inside out.  Life is a reflection of what we feel inside. We literally change...

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