Quantum Success - Christy Whitman

Quantum Success | Christy Whitman

My guest today wrote a book called Quantum Success . When I began reading her book, I literally stopped in my tracks when I read two sentences that were almost exactly the same as two sentences found in my book The Soul Frequency. What is...

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co-creating your life

Sessions: Co-Creating Your Life

Do you feel like you are alone on a hilltop? Life feels big. You always have support - you are co-creating your life - whether you know it or not. Today we are talking about...

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Raising my soul frequency

Raising My Soul Frequency | Dana Gaydon

The idea for this episode happened one day as I was driving. I was reflecting on how a shift in frequency is so instantaneous. You may spend years getting up to the doorway of it, but stepping over the threshold happens in one moment. There...

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Healthy Relationships & Boundaries

Healthy Relationships + Boundaries | Terri Cole

Here it is…it’s April!  We made it through March.  What a wild month of growth and expansion.  Last February, I launched a deep dive program, The Soul Frequency Experience with the intention of taking people into the multidimensional four-step process in The Soul Frequency book. ...

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divine guidance

Sessions: Divine Guidance

It's so amazing to experience this guidance in life. We can literally change our frequency to start tapping into divine guidance which is around us all the time. Today we are talking about...

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Sober Curious with Ruby Warrington

Sober Curious | Ruby Warrington

First off before we jump into this conversation I want to share that recording this episode was really valuable for me as an individual.  For years now, I have been sober curious without a title for how to describe it.  Thank goodness for my guest...

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from stuck to transformed

Sessions: From Stuck To Transformed

Understanding the process of how you go from stuck to transformed will empower you, so I made a framework by putting names to the steps that everyone goes through. Today we are talking about...

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Human Design with Erin Claire Jones

Human Design | Erin Claire Jones

This year on the show we are diving into knowing ourselves better, that includes our human design. I am right along with you on this journey, sharing the ins and outs of discovery.  The coolest thing is that there is no end to the process...

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