Behind The Scenes of The Soul Frequency

Behind The Scenes | The Soul Frequency Show #59

Today in honor of launching this new book baby into the stratosphere, we are having a very special episode. I am bringing you behind the scenes.  Hear how we shift energy, raise people’s frequencies by sharing with their conscious mind through words, and create an...

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Stop Your Cravings

Stop Your Cravings | The Soul Frequency Show #58

When cravings have taken over we are usually experiencing some loss of empowerment, which is why I am so excited to dive deep into this topic today – it’s important! You can stop your cravings. Today, we are talking to a man who has made it...

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Your Soul Ray with Candia Sanders

Your Soul Ray | The Soul Frequency Show #57

Today, we are talking about a subject that I found so powerful in my own life.  You know that I am a huge fan of seeking to know thy self more and more and in various different ways. The path of self-awareness is endless and...

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Confidence and Resilience

Confidence and Resilience | The Soul Frequency Show #55

In this podcast we are talking to an incredible woman who is not only brilliant, but has a powerful gift that can literally be life saving. Let's talk about confidence and resilience! This week, I had Founder of WANNABE, maker of functional protein blends and supplements...

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