family values

Family Values | Shanna, Travis, And Jameson

The holidays are upon us! Of course, we’ve been reminded of Christmas since before Halloween, and we know that New Year’s Resolutions are around the corner. It’s a time to remind and be reminded of what’s important in life, and this episode of The Soul...

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creating the vision

Sessions: Creating the Vision

If you are working on creating the vision and have some fear around that, here are some tips for you. In this podcast we are talking about… Why we are afraid to create a vision How to know if the creating the vision will make you...

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muscle testing with lana nelson

Muscle Testing | Lana Nelson

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to health and happiness. If you’d like some help in figuring out what works best for you - it’s called muscle testing. You're a constantly evolving being, and what you needed last year might not be what you...

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intention activation

Sessions: Intention Activation

The power of intention is how we move energy. Intention can move reality. We need to make sure our intentions are aligned with what we want and then start intention activation. In this podcast we are talking about… The power of intention Making sure your intentions...

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liberating jesus by roberta grimes

Liberating Jesus | Roberta Grimes

Roberta grew up a devout Christian and, in her early fifties, discovered that everything she thought she knew about ‘Christianity’ was wrong! She wrote all about it in her book called Liberating Jesus. After a crisis of faith, she read the Gospels without the rest of...

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holiday truths revealed

Sessions: Holiday Truths Revealed

It's a great time for planning, and for reflecting on the year. To help you head into an even greater time of transformation, here are some holiday truths revealed. In this podcast we are talking about… The holidays are amazing and then they are not How...

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infrared sauna detox with alicia from sunlighten

Infrared Sauna Detox | Alicia From Sunlighten

Recently, I was feeling a bit sluggish and rundown, and I came across a package offered by Sunlighten for a 7-day infrared sauna detox. Now, if you’ve listened to my podcast before, you know that I’m very health conscious, and I have a lot of healing...

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trippy things about life

Sessions: Trippy Things About Life

What lens are we looking through? Frequency we are resonating at? What are the trippy things about life? The things that blow our mind? Here's some of mine. In this podcast we are talking about… The things that make you ponder Some of the things I...

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life without lids

Life Without Lids | Shanna Lee

What’s trapping you in from feeling truly empowered? Maybe it's something I refer to as a "lid." Don't worry, you can live your life without lids. A spiritual lid is anything that keeps us from feeling or seeing our truth. It could be food, alcohol, sex,...

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finding joy now

Sessions: Finding Joy Now

Many people say they want more joy in their life. What happened to our childhood joy? How can we make our daily activities joyous instead of just routine? Here are some tips for finding joy now. In this podcast we are talking about… Why joy can...

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