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dr katy jane

Vedic Astrology | Dr. Katy Jane

You know your astrological sun sign… But do you know your jyotishya star archetype? And what can it teach you about living your best life? It turns out, it can reveal a lot about your karma, your destiny, and your personal myth! In this episode, Vedic astrologer...

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signs that you are ready

Sessions: Signs that you are ready

Today we want to talk about the 'signs that you are ready.' What I mean by You are Ready is, there is a readiness that happens. When we are going to cross over a threshold and step towards our purpose. You can still send in your...

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end human trafficking randy watson

End Human Trafficking | Randy Watson

Every day, people are forced into slavery—and it’s not just in developing countries. Human trafficking happens in nearly every community around the world, and Randy Watson has made it his mission with Ally Global to support victims as they rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society. In...

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5 Question that Awakened Souls Ask shanna lee

Sessions: 5 Question that Awakened Souls Ask

Today we want to talk about '5 Question that Awakened Souls Ask'. I love curiosity and curiosity is the beginning of everything. So let's talk about questions that awakened souls ask and why they ask them! You can still send in your $1000 question to

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feminine confidence amy pamensky

Feminine Confidence | Amy Pamensky

In this episode, intuitive mindset coach, spiritual teacher, and host of ‘The Feminine Frequency’ podcast, Amy Pamensky shares her personal transformation story of stepping into her feminine confidence. Amy realized it was time to honor her truth even though it meant leaving her old life behind. Do...

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How to Shift Your Frequency shanna lee

Sessions: How to Shift Your Frequency

Today we want to talk about How to Shift Your Frequency. Shifting your frequency sounds so great, doesn't it? It's so fascinating! Most people are not aware that they are shifting their frequency. Listen to this session episode to hear more about how to shift...

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It’s Not You — It’s Me | Camilla Sacre - Dallerup

It’s Not You — It’s Me | Camilla Sacre – Dallerup

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup enjoyed a prosperous dancing career featured on the British show Strictly Come Dancing. From the outside looking in, it seemed like her life was deeply fulfilling. But inside, she felt something needed to change. When she finally began to listen to her own voice,...

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self compassion shanna lee

Sessions: Self – Compassion

Today we want to talk about 'Self - Compassion'. Bridgette asked this $1000 question - "I just finished listening to Sunday’s podcast. I feel I have SO MUCH compassion for others, but SO LITTLE for myself. And I feel many of my friends are this way...

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facing adversity shanna lee michael taylor

Facing Adversity | Michael Taylor

Who are you destined to be? What is spirit calling you to become? It’s only through overcoming adversity that you can ever find out… Coach, motivational speaker, and radio show host Michael Taylor joins us today. He’s the author of Adversity is Your Greatest Ally: How to...

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real talk session shanna lee

Sessions: Real Talk

Today we want to talk about 'Real Talk'. I want to start with some real talk about what I have experienced. I wanted to share it because everything we go through in life, there are lessons and it is valuable. Even the most difficult things...

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