the definition of success

Sessions: The Definition of Success

It's such a big archetype in our culture. Let's look at the programming you have received around success. What is your definition of success, and is it YOUR definition, or is it the definition you have been taught? Today we are talking about… Defining success for...

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becoming limitless with Jordan Ray

Becoming Limitless | Jordan Ray

Jordan has had a lot of obstacles as she works on becoming limitless. Her mother battled breast cancer. A year later, Jordan blacked out on the softball field, and in that moment, she lost both her health and her favorite sport, which had been her whole life...

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Sessions: Gossip

Gossip is big business! It's also a way that people relate to each other. Today we are talking about… Why people gossip How to stop gossiping How to shift your energy when another is gossiping Outer curiosity versus inner contemplation 10 things that will lower...

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Wisdom of our Elders with Matthew Belair

The Wisdom of Our Elders | Matthew Belair

While most of us are trying to become something, my guest for this episode spends his time learning how to just be—but that doesn’t mean he isn’t busy! He is learning from the wisdom of our elders. Matt Belair is an author, athlete, coach and speaker,...

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dealing with denial

Sessions: Dealing with Denial

Denial is huge. Everybody deals with it in their own life in one way or another. Let's dive deeper and talk about dealing with denial. Today we are talking about… Why we don’t confront the truth How denial is serving you How to be in truth...

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Truth About Transformation Part 2

The Truth About Transformation | Part II

After a bit of a vulnerability hangover, I’m here to share more of my personal transformation story with you. Listen to Part 1 of The Truth About Transformation The birth of our son caused an identity shift in both my husband and me, redefining who we were...

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disconnecting from old ways

Sessions: Disconnecting from Old Ways

Disconnecting from old ways will raise your frequency at a fundamental level. It also lets us see life in new ways and lets new things come into our life. Today we are talking about… The key to raising your frequency How guilt about growing will keep...

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neurotransmitters for weight loss

Neurotransmitters For Weight Loss | Dr Anne-Marie Barter

I’ve helped hundreds of people to make peace with food (in other words, get to a healthy weight and keep it off). If you’ve been struggling with your weight, it’s probably not for the reasons you think it is…it’s likely because of brain chemicals—neurotransmitters. This isn’t...

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creating more time

Sessions: Creating More Time

I used to think of time as a 9 to 5 concept. My son's broken leg was the catalyst that made me rethink time and figure out how I could be creating more time. Today we are talking about… How to stop claiming you have no...

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Improvisation For The Spirit with Katie Goodman

Improvisation For The Spirit | Katie Goodman

What does improvisation have to do with fulfilling your highest spiritual purpose in life? When you’re improvising, you’re present in the moment. In this episode, award-winning comedian Katie Goodman chats with me about being the joy and fun wherever you go. We talk about the qualities of...

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