Grounding | Clint Ober

Feeling frazzled? It’s time to ground yourself—connect your body to the Earth and sync up with the electromagnetic field.

We’re part of this planet, but our busy modern lives tend to disconnect us from nature—and what are the effects of that on our minds, bodies, and spirits?

If there’s nowhere for your spiritual static to physically exit your body, it’s going to stick around.

Over 20 peer-reviewed studies have uncovered impressive results on grounding to…

—Ease inflammation
—Reduce pain and stiffness
—Tonify the circulatory system
—Soothe anxiety and depression

After seeing the documentary made by this episode’s guest, I invested in two grounding mats and a grounding pillowcase from Ultimate Longevity…

AND I SLEPT AMAZINGLY! I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for my day. If you can’t get outside for long periods of time every day, this might be a perfect option for you to unplug from your day and plug into the Earth. You can get yours by visiting!

Joining me for today’s episode is the creator of the Ultimate Longevity grounding mat. Clint Ober leader behind the Grounding Movement, and author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

In our conversation, Clint shares the story behind how he first discovered earthing, all the exciting research and benefits, along with how you can get started with grounding today. Click the play button to get it all!

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

—Could your shoes be making you sick?
—Earthing: what it is and why it works…
—You are an electric being!
—What happens when we are no longer grounded?
—EMFs and your body—what you need to know…

More resources for your high-vibe life…

—Watch the awe-inspiring documentary film, see astonishing before and after images, and discover more about the benefits of grounding and the best way to ground yourself indoors at
—Start grounding outside whenever you can. Just put your bare feet on the Earth (via the grass, sand or dirt) or go for a swim in the ocean!
—Start sleeping grounded! I use the Ground Therapy Sleep Mat & Pillow Cover at
—Check out before and after thermography photos showing the tremendous inflammation reduction after sleeping grounded indoors at
—Access the over 20 Scientific Research Studies conducted on the benefits of grounding indoors at

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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  1. Michelle

    I purchased the grounding sheet. After all the research I chose to lay directly on it. Unfortunately I woke up several times soaked throught out the night. Also I woke up feeling super heavy and depressed. No energy. I really believe in this product and want to know if these feelings are normal

    • Shanna

      I would recommend using sheets on top of it. If it is not feeling good and resonating, as with everything, I would hold off for now. Also, it might be great to reach out to the company and see what guidance they have: [email protected]


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