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This year on the show we are diving into knowing ourselves better, which includes our human design. I am right along with you on this journey, sharing the ins and outs of discovery.  The coolest thing is that there is no end to the process of understanding ourselves because it is truly multilayered and multidimensional in so many ways.  I am a student of life and people and was literally born this way. I remember being a child and seeing into people, like being able to understand their motivations.  Why they did what they did in life.  I remember studying communication in college just because.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I was fascinated at how we convey messages, the origins of our thoughts, and how to understand others in new ways.

You could say that my whole life was a training ground for my life’s work and what I do today.  I didn’t always know that.  There were things that used to seem random until I had a profound awakening. It showed me how everything I had experienced was an important piece of the puzzle bringing me to this moment.  Even the things that kind of sucked.  I am going to go out on a limb to say, all of your experiences are important pieces too; whether you have yet to connect the dots or not.

This episode is all about Human Design.  Another amazing tool we can use to understand ourselves better and to honor our uniqueness.  When we stop trying to do what seems to be working for others and start looking within and understanding our own design, we can open the door to more alignment and ease in everything we do.  We can start to accept who we are as beautiful and valid.  From that space, we can create a life that is a reflection of our deepest desires and truths. We are diving into information about my design in this episode.  We are covering the nine energy centers in the body, the difference in open centers vs. closed centers, and the various types in Human Design plus lots more!

In this podcast episode:

—The energy centers of the body
—The history of Human Design
—What Human Design type I am and all of the types
—Why Human Design is helpful and valuable
—The basics on my chart and how you can find out more about yours

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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