Infrared Sauna Detox | Alicia From Sunlighten

Recently, I was feeling a bit sluggish and rundown, and I came across a package offered by Sunlighten for a 7-day infrared sauna detox.

Now, if you’ve listened to my podcast before, you know that I’m very health conscious, and I have a lot of healing tools on my belt, but infrared is one of those things I had forgotten about until the universe dropped a hint in my lap.

Let me tell you—my experience was incredible!

I wanted to know exactly why I felt so much better starting on the second day of the detox, so for today’s episode, I invited Alicia from Sunlighten to join me in a conversation all about infrared healing!

In this episode:

—What is infrared technology?
—Can infrared light pull metals out of your body?
—How is infrared different from a traditional sauna?
—The healthful benefits of infrared technology
—What is chromotherapy?

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