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Sacred Plant Microdosing | Vlada Talan

Sacred Plant Microdosing – One day, I found an advertisement for ‘Soul Drops’, sacred herbs suspended in liquid. I couldn’t help myself—I had to try them.

So, a few months back, I ordered some to give them a go. On the first night, my head hit the pillow, and I drifted delightfully into dreamland. In the morning, I woke up rejuvenated! After my initial success with Lun, the nighttime drops, I tried a few different kinds—there are some for the daytime, too, and for different moods.

I got curious about the creator, so I invited her onto the show to share with you what Soul Drops are all about!

Vlada Talan is an alchemist and neoshamanic practitioner who uses ancient healing techniques and sacred plant medicine. She combines different spiritual, psychological, and herbal modalities to provide life-changing experiences and transformation to those who come to her.


She created Soul Drops to aid others on their mind + body + spirit journey. I’m delighted to have her on the show today to share this with you!

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What Vlada and I discuss in this episode…

  • Vlada’s journey to holistic health
  • What are sacred plants?
  • How is microdosing plants like homeopathy?
  • How the mind, body, and spirit of master plants combine with your mind, body, and spirit
  • Balancing male and female energies through plants


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