The Most Popular Episodes of The Soul Frequency Show

It is the perfect time of year to catch up on some episodes and keep our frequency high as we head into the New Year.

So, welcome to the most popular episodes show! One of my favorite things to do over the holidays is to binge listen to uplifting, and positive, books and shows.  I feel like it puts me in the perfect resonance to cross into the year ahead full of new awareness and knowledge.  This time of year is perfect for getting cozy with a journal, a warm drink, and diving into some goodness.

I had so much fun interviewing 50 incredible human beings this year for The Soul Frequency Show.  These heart-expanding conversations were so fun and incredibly uplifting.

Sometimes it is fun to go back and listen again to an episode that you heard months ago.  I always hear new things the second time around.

Here are the most downloaded episodes of  The Soul Frequency Show in 2018.

The Soul Frequency Show Interviews

Mind Body Medicine with Dr. Kim D’Ermo:  We talked about everything from neutrality, being able to receive, and the two key components that block health.

Digestive Psychology with Caspar Poyck: He shares some powerful stories of healing, some incredible insights that will have you rethinking how you eat, and what you need to know about your body

Stop Negative Self Talk with Andrea Owen: Learn about the five big default behaviors that cause us the most pain and struggle in life. As well as how to let go of them and be more courageous and happy!

What Is Channeling? with Grace Cavanaugh: She shares what it is like to channel, the fear that must be transmuted to share your gifts, and we did a live channeling with Osirah!

Past Life Regression with Ann Barham: What to expect with past life regression, how we incarnate to heal wounds from other lifetimes, and how physical, emotional or mental states of being can heal almost instantaneously through past life regression!

Broke-Ass to Badass with Kimi + Pua: The critical things a new entrepreneur should invest in first, a bit about transitioning from being an employee to being an entrepreneur, and their unique take on productivity!

Energy Aligned Design with Amanda Gates: Learn the top 5 disruptors messing with your Feng Shui, the benefits of a floor plan reading, and how you can shift the energy in your home!

The Grounded Mind Meditation – David Gandleman: How to release what you’re holding on to for others, how to awaken your next steps, and how to bring our energy into the present!

The Soul Frequency Sessions

Conversations that make you think, feel, dream, heal, transform, and recreate.

How to Ask for Help + Get It

Lighten Your Body

Emotional Causes of Disease

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

Unpopular Truths

As you head into 2019, why not finish the year off with one, or all, of these informative, loving, and deeply-engaging episodes? Do you have a favorite episode? Let me know which one resonates most with you the most in the comments, and if you feel like sharing your journey, explain why.  I hope you enjoyed the entire year of goodness!  It is so fun to share valuable information and these incredible guests on our manifestation podcast, The Soul Frequency Show!


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