The Grounded Mind By David Gandelman

The Grounded Mind | David Gandelman

Have you ever tried to meditate and had your mind go wild?  Do you ever feel like you are not quite sure you’re doing it right?  I am sure most of us have felt that way.  If you have experienced either of those you are going to love this absolutely refreshing perspective on grounded mind meditation; and how my guest’s work ties in a whole other level to this conversation.

I had the founder of Grounded Meditation, David Gandelman, on the show.  David is a meditation expert and host of the Energy Matters Podcast. He teaches meditation at Cornell University; and teaches through one on one experiences, and group events. When David was 16 he began meditating deeply and studying a variety of meditative traditions. You don’t have to be in the Himalayas to find peace of mind, but it doesn’t hurt to learn from someone who has. With over 10 years of teaching experience, David has cultivated a program where he connects energy awareness, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe atmosphere for learning meditation.

“For those of you listening thinking, ‘I have an endless successions of thoughts that seem to make no sense, bother me, and never stop which turns into anxiety, stress, and a lack of fulfillment’ – what do I do?  Sitting and watching your breath may do the trick, and it may not.  I think, for a lot of people, they need to go deeper and find out really what’s going on.   So, some of the tools and techniques I teach have more to do with energy work.   How do I recognize if I am absorbing somebody else’s thoughts, and then they are turning into my thoughts?  Or absorbing their emotions, and then they are turning into my emotions? How do I have energetic boundaries with people?  When we start addressing some of those questions, and healing some of that space, then naturally the mind will subside.“ – David Gandelman

In this podcast…

about the grounded mind, David shares about how to release what you’re holding on to for others, how to awaken your next steps, and how to bring our energy into the present!

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If you haven’t had the chance to download the guided meditation that I have been talking about in the last few episodes, grab it now!

Also, don’t forget to listen to the end of the episode for this week’s new take action item!

To find out more about David Gandelman and having a grounded mind visit his website.

grounded mind with david gandelman

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