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In this episode, I’m talking to two amazing ladies who are business building queens. They help other awesome people create a business that is aligned with who they are.  You can imagine that the three of us saw eye to eye on a lot of things.

We have not talked a lot about business building yet on this show. We are starting now because so many of you own businesses or have a dream to start one someday.  Let’s get our energy aligned in the area of business building.

This week, I had the founders of Best Life Ever, BLE Digital, and co-hosts of the Broke-ass to Badass podcast, Kimi and Pua on the show. They are fitness trainers, turned corporate productivity coaches, turned online business coaches. They are drawn together by a calling; a burning desire to help people fall (back) in love with their businesses and their lives!

It breaks their hearts to know that there are so many entrepreneurs with BIG DREAMS to serve the world in badass, amazing ways; but they end up feeling like it would be easier to just quit and go back to a “real job”.

They have created a radical movement to empower people to follow their dreams, and expand the way they think, work, and live in today’s modern world.

In addition to their Digital Media services, they joyfully support badass entrepreneurs with their free Best Life Ever Tribe on Facebook, and their free Broke-ass to Badass weekly podcast.


Kimi + Pua share the critical things a new entrepreneur should invest in first, a bit about transitioning from being an employee to being an entrepreneur, and their unique take on productivity!

Last week  you had the opportunity to listen to an actual Intuitive Frequency Session. There are many incredible nuggets that came through!

To find out more about Kimi & Pua and business building visit their website.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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