Behind The Scenes By The Soul Frequency Show

Behind The Scenes | The Soul Frequency Show

Today in honor of launching this new book baby into the stratosphere, we are having a very special episode. I am bringing you behind the scenes.  Hear how we shift energy, raise people’s frequencies by sharing with their conscious mind through words, and create an energetic experience underneath the words. Those connect them to a new frequency to live from.

When I wrote this book, I decided to protect and align the energy of this book from Day 1.  Since I feel energy and misalignments within the lives of others and in life, I wanted to see if I could create an energetically aligned book.  Meaning everyone who worked on the book or came in contact with the book would have clear energy.  Meaning that the words and the title of the book are at a frequency that matches the content in the book.  You may be thinking, wow that is a lot of work! It does take a little extra work; but it is so worth it for something to feel right on.

Many times we are so used to misaligned energy, we no longer notice it; but life occurs in the subtleties. An energy is a subtlety we are experiencing whether we consciously process it or not.  It is always alive and well in the background of our lives.

My hope for you is that you live the fullest life.  That you face what needs to be faced and rise up to be the best version of yourself.  There is nothing like the experience of living at a new frequency.  I call it the “Land of Little Miracles” where everything that feels good and right to you lines up in your favor. ~Shanna Lee


on this super special day, you have the opportunity to listen to an actual Intuitive Frequency Session. This client is so generous and brave to share her story with you all.  We cover so much on this call. There are so many incredible nuggets that come through, which are applicable to anyone and everyone.

Last week David Zappasodi shared his unique method for freeing people from cravings, how to flip a switch in your brain, and start losing weight!

If you haven’t had the chance to download the guided meditation that I have been talking about in the last few episodes, grab it now!

Go to right now to get your copy!

If you have ever created something and put it out in the world than you know the biggest compliment is to hear from those that enjoyed it.  So, if you are excited about the book, enjoy it, and get value from it; I would be over the moon if you would leave a review on

Behind The Scenes with Shanna Lee

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There is nothing better than living a life that feels good to you and having people support you in doing so.


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