6 Steps to More Self-love

We all know we must embody it. Self-love. We know the importance of self-love and the value of feeling at home within ourselves in order to live our best lives.

Psychology Today writes about self-love in this way:

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that mature us. When we act in ways that expands self-love in us, we begin to accept much better our weaknesses as well as strengths, have less need to explain away our short comings, having compassion for ourselves as human beings struggling to find personal meaning, are more centered in our purpose and values”.

Self-love is essential and transformative. When we love ourselves, we don’t need anything in our external world to validate us. When we accept ourselves, we see the world through the lens of Love. And then, our highest potential can be reached.

So then, knowing how important self-love is to our health and well-being, what actionable steps can we take in order to embody more of it and how to practice self-love and care?

Here are 6 Steps to More Self-Love:

1. Do Inner Work

The very first step is to go within. Inner work is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. This includes finding our own individual truth and releasing what is not in alignment with that truth.

When we don’t love ourselves, there are usually some old beliefs we must look at. Many of them are not true and were formed early in childhood. We must become aware of what they are and let them go.

If we have deep unhealed trauma lingering in our psyche, we will look at the world through a wounded lens. Maybe even perceive the world as an unsafe, hostile place.

When we heal the trauma, work on releasing limiting and harmful beliefs and process our emotions, we become free in our inner and outer world.

2. Know Yourself

In order to make self-loving choices we must know what they are. And, of course, in order to know what these choices are we need to know who we are.

When we know who we are at our core, what we are passionate about and what our values are, we can start making choices that are in alignment with our soul selves.

Great ways of getting to know ourselves is through meditation and pondering of powerful questions. These activities help us gain clarity around what our heart’s desires are and what we would like to create in the world.

3. Practice Excellent Self-Care.

When you care for yourself first, the world will also find you worthy of care”  -Haemin Sunim

By taking good care of ourselves, we are signaling to ourselves and to the world that we are important. Habits like healthy eating and movement – in whatever form that feels soul-affirming and expansive, are those of a self-loving individual.   

Our words are very powerful. Therefore, being mindful of how we speak to and about ourselves is also very important. As a rule of thumb, if we wouldn’t say it to another loved one, we shouldn’t say it to ourselves. Speak highly of yourself!

4. Burn Some Bridges

Having people in our lives who don’t support our happiness and well-being is draining to our soul. We must practice setting healthy boundaries, protecting our energy and ultimately learning to let go of someone if we feel it’s needed.

We can love someone deeply but still have to limit the time we spend with them. In order to thrive, we must have a loving, supporting tribe.

We want people in our lives that make us feel seen and heard. We want those that make it obvious to us that we matter. The ones who love and cherish us for who we truly are.

5. Set Goals and Accomplish Them

Setting goals and then accomplishing them builds self-esteem. Consistently showing up for ourselves and what matters to us is an act of self-love. Further, proving to ourselves that we have the power to achieve whatever we set out to do, makes us feel good about ourselves.

When creating goals, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Intend to do something you know you can commit to on a consistent basis.

Then, when you achieve your goals, remember to celebrate yourself. Congratulate yourself on every win – big or small.

6. Be Kind to Others

This is a simple but vitally important principle on a self-love journey. Doing good for others makes us love ourselves more and it makes us tap into the frequency of Love.

When we strongly believe that we are good people bringing more love into the world, our level of self-love expands. However, we don’t need to have a desire to save the world.

Random acts of kindness are Love at its purest form and they cause a ripple effect in the world that is extremely profound and powerful but hard to measure. In the end, we are all one, so loving others means loving ourselves.

It All Begins With Us

When you find yourself worthy of care, the world will also find you worthy of care

Self- love is vital to our well-being. Firstly, because our self- image shapes the way in which we perceive the world. Secondly, embodying more of it impacts the choices we make for ourselves on a daily basis.  One of my favorite ways to tap into a deeper sense of self-love is by using crystals to attract love and you can also use crystals to attract prosperity.

No matter which pathway we use to greater self-love,  when we love and accept ourselves, we will not settle for anything less than the very best. And so, from a place of self-love, we will begin to release everything that’s out of alignment. Then, we can create the wonderful, joyous life that we truly deserve.

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