Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

Uncovering your unique vibrational frequency, or soul frequency is your personal pathway toward a fulfilling life of abundance.

So, let’s talk a little bit more about your vibrational energy, and what your soul frequency is.

Well, we have to begin with the understanding that everything is energy, and all energy vibrates at a different frequency. Each person’s energy frequency is unique, like a fingerprint.

The soul frequency is a person’s highest energetic expression of self. Any unwanted condition – whether physical, emotional, relational, financial, or even spiritual – comes down to a block in the energy that is meant to flow freely through our body mind system. Returning to our soul frequency is a return to our natural, joyful, high vibrational frequency state of being. When we come into resonance with this frequency by first discovering and then releasing all that has been blocking this natural flow, we experience joy, health, fulfillment, and success like never before.

When you incarnate onto this planet, you then proceed to CHOOSE your parents, the circumstances of your birth, and also the souls that you are going to meet, once you are on this planet. You are given certain tools so that you can recognize one another, once you meet up with them. Some assume the roles of challengers – for you agree to teach one another valuable soul lessons while others appear in supportive, loving roles, which help you on your way. In the greater Cosmic Whole, there are no accidents – all is perfect, whole and complete.

Discovering your unique soul frequency

It’s important to understand that your soul vibrates not only at a certain, unique frequency, but also, at a certain COLOR, SOUND, and TOTAL VIBRATION. Unfortunately, we are often socialized out of our alignment with our own soul frequency as soon as we are born.

We are taught to live within the ideals and resonance of those that raise us until we arrive at our teenage years where we either test the “rules” of life or cement in their influence on us. If we decide to rebel against the ideals of others, we may spend the rest of our life pushing up against authority; or we begin to forge our own path. Sometimes that new path includes personal development work to rediscover our own soul frequency. Other times, while forging a different path, we stay disconnected from our own inner guidance.

If we never test the “rules” during our teenage years, we usually live within the dominant frequency of our surroundings for the remainder of our lives. The dominant frequency might feel similar enough to our own soul frequency that its resonance is comfortable; but for many, the dominant frequency is not in close resonance to their inner truth, which creates a life experience full of dissonance.

The experience of finding your soul frequency is like coming home. It is often described as feeling like freedom, liberation, joy, and ease. This is not surprising since our soul frequency is always our highest energetic state of being. Emotions such as joy, enlightenment, and peace are always present at higher frequencies.

6 ways to connect to your soul frequency

Getting in touch with your own soul frequency can be best understood as getting in touch with yourself. Here are a few ways you can spend time uncovering your true nature:

      • Meditation
      • Quiet contemplation
      • Reading
      • A spiritual retreat
      • Sound healing
      • Energy work
      • Uncover who you have always been

Your soul frequency will become clearer and clearer to you the longer you spend time focusing on what truly motivates, inspires, and moves you towards your highest version of yourselfRaising your vibrational frequency allows you to connect with your soul frequency.

Each and every day, make note of the things you encounter that make your soul sing. And take note, but disregard, those that appear to be blocking or preventing you from being who you’ve always been. Like a blossoming flower, your soul frequency will reveal itself to you. The resulting happiness, contentment, and success will then be yours to share.


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