Crystals to Attract Love

Crystals use their unique energetic potential to attract plenty into user’s lives.

The crystal of unconditional love, the rescue stone, and the stone of the compassionate heart is renowned for bringing love into people’s lives. With this powerful capacity in the palm of your hands, why not consider using crystals for love and protection?  Or using crystals for love and romance?

The Crystal of Unconditional Love

Rose quartz, our first of the crystals to attract love, is a lightly shaded pink clear crystal, which has been mentioned throughout time for its ability to attract loving energies. This is because the crystal has a unique healing vibration, which is why you often see them promoted as the tried-and-tested go-to crystal for potential relationships as well as relationship issues.

It is no surprise that the rose quartz is known collectively as the crystal of unconditional love. Unconditional love can be said to be the same thing as ‘true love’, or the kind of love people dream of and aspire to achieve. The love that exists without conditions and will endure throughout time.

The crystal’s ability to bring unconditional love into being comes from its ability to enhance the components of what makes a healthy relationship:

      • clearer thoughts for both yourself and your partner, a
      • deepening of existing love,
      • an increase of empathy which allows you to further understand and respond to your partner’s needs.

In addition, it’s unique in that it increases your own level of self-love. It has been long said that you can’t love another until you love yourself; and with the rose quartz, you can assist that energy along on its journey.

The Rescue Stone

Rhodonite, the second of our crystals to attract l0ve, is a blush pink or brown crystal that is routinely praised for its energetic ability to rescue and recover relationships. Aptly called the rescue stone, it is the crystal of choice for those who have difficulties with their partner.

The rescues stone functions effectively in three key areas which directly mirror the process of recovering broken relationships:

      • compassion for each other,
      • the release of forgiveness, and
      • the release of fear going forward.


The first benefit of this crystal is a wise one. Anyone who has been through love troubles would confirm it takes a degree of compassion to understand your partner from his or her perspective, which is an essential step in reconciliation.

Once you understand, you can move forward together as one – which is what a true honest partnership should be.


The next step in moving forward is forgiveness. It can be hard to do but will be easier with the rescue stone, as the crystal energetically moves you to act.

Forgiveness releases both of you from the burdens of the past. It allows you both to grow in energetic frequency alongside each other, which only further cements your relationship.

The Release of Fear

The release of fear sees a steady partnership, as both members surrender to potential problems and embrace the now.

It is likely hard to see the energy blockages that may be stopping the flow of love into your life. To clear energy blockages, it requires you to become conscious of what beliefs and perceptions about love are running underneath the surface in your consciousness.

The Stone of the Compassionate Heart

The final stone, of this set of crystals to attract love, is the rhodochrosite crystal, which is known as the stone of the compassionate heart. These beautiful crystals appear in a variety of shades, from gray to brown, dusky pink, and deep rose red.

The crystals are visually striking, with various colored layers running through them. What is most striking about them is the way that their energies are aligned with what makes love function optimally: compassion.

Compassion is vital in any healthy relationship. It is especially important in any successful love match. A high degree of compassion with your partner means a greater alignment with each other, as well as the universe.

In addition, the crystal is the symbol of self-compassion, similar to the crystal of unconditional love. It enhances a lover’s own self-love, and therefore the capacity to engage in a healthy relationship.

When you are compassionate with yourself and others, you begin to act in wiser ways, with a full understanding of the reasons people act the way they do. This is a prime reason for the success of the rhodochrosite crystal’s energy, as it solidifies a relationship’s core strength.

Overall, you can clearly see that these crystals to attract love access their energetic potential to enhance what is truly healthy about positive romantic relationships. The only choice left to consider is which one you think will be right for your romantic needs?


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