3 Ways to Protect Your Energy

Why is it important to protect your energy?

It’s good to learn how to protect your energy. We are simultaneously inundated with the energy of other people, electronic devices, and the demands of life each and every day. It’s no surprise that energetic overload results in low overall energy levels and leaves you will little residual energy to show up in the world on your own terms.

Instead of suffering from weak energy levels, a sense of disconnection, and the feeling you’re being pulled in all directions, take charge by putting these proven ways to protect your energy into practice – start today!

How To Protect Your Energy

Here are the three proven ways to protect your space and energy from energy-sucking sources. They include considering your relationships, monitoring your device time, and investing in positive energy-enhancing crystals. Let’s take a close up look at each strategy to see how you can make changes in your life.

1.Take a relationship energy inventory.

A relationship energy inventory is a valuable asset. It assists you in identifying which energetic relationship connections positively and negatively influence your life.

To get started with your very own relationship energy inventory, simply write down the names of people who you spend time with. Then ask yourself whether they lift you up, whether they support you, or whether they contribute to your overall emotional well-being?

How do you feel when you leave this person’s presence? Do you feel negative and drained, or do you feel positive and optimistic?

It is up to you how you record your observations. You could simply write down some key overall feelings or even the presence of positive or negative energy. The ultimate thing to discover through this process is that you have the choice to decide how you spend your time, and that other energies do have an impact on your own personal energy.

Make an active choice to spend more time with people who lift you up, and minimize your time with people who drag you down. Then you will begin to feel more energetically fulfilled, balanced, and ready to participate in the positive flow of energy in the universe.

2. Choose your device time wisely

Electronic devices have been proven to have a negative, draining, effect on your personal energy and those around you. This is achieved through the unique frequencies devices emit, which is not healthy or supportive of a good overall energetic condition.

This also extends to WiFi, which has been proven to negatively affect human health. The most significant effect is an interrupted sleep pattern. The results of that are severe cases of untreatable insomnia, as well as hypertension and a greater risk of depression.

Screens themselves present a challenge all of their own. Blue light has been proven to interrupt sleep patterns. WiFi that runs 24/7 combined with a habit of continual device use is disastrous for your health.

To get started on creating a healthier environment for your energy to flourish, create a plan to take breaks from your devices. Ensure you shut off your devices at least 2 hours before bedtime, and turn off any Wifi while you sleep. It’s a great idea to make sure all electronics in the bedroom are unplugged, just to be absolutely certain you’re being protected.

Modern devices have addictive qualities, which is a symptom of energetic imbalance. If you acknowledge you need to reduce your device time, but find it hard to follow through with it in practice, perhaps you are slightly dependent on your device?

3. Invest in crystals that protect negative energy.

Crystals are renowned for protecting users against negative vibes. They have a unique ability to simultaneously attract a powerful positive flow of energy and repel negative flow.

Black tourmaline, black onyx, jet, smokey quartz, and hematite all offer a wealth of positive energies. Each one has unique properties that may make one a better fit for you over another. Read on to find out which crystal will best help you protect your energy.

Black tourmaline

Famous for its ability to deflect negative energies, black tourmaline is the standard crystal for energetic protection. It specifically works to return negative flow back to the sender. In addition, it serves as a powerful connecting crystal. It also allows you to truly connect your being with the planet’s vibrations.

Black onyx

Black onyx is renowned for offering enhanced protection against the 3 negative energetic forces: spirits, psychic attacks, and black magic. Like a shield, black onyx works to protect you from any attacks directed deliberately towards you. It’s a great choice for anyone dealing with a negative person with bad intentions.

Jet crystals

While jet appears to be a crystal, it is actually the crystalized form of ancient wood, providing it with a unique protective power. If you’re looking to protect your energy, jet is a great choice. It is associated with breaking unhealthy attachments and blocking negative energies from entering our being.

Smokey quartz

If you’ve been told your aura is plagued with negative energies, or you simply suspect it, then smokey quartz is the crystal for you. This crystal actively works to protect your energy, your being, as well as your possessions. It reduces the absorption of negativity and thus decreases associated anxiety.

Hematite crystals

If a protective environment is what you crave, then hematite is the crystal for you. These stones work to create a reflective block. Like black tourmaline, they send negative energies back to the sender. If you’re dealing with continual worries, hematite works to soothe your anxieties allowing you to stop directing your power through a negative outlet.

Whether you’re feeling negative energies in your sphere, or you wish to protect yourself from energy-draining feelings going forward, employing these three strategies is the way towards achieving optimum energy levels.

Which step will you take first?


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