The Energy of The Planet is Changing

While we like to think of ourselves as beings made up of energy, the same can actually be said of our planet as well as the space it inhabits.

Researchers have long hypothesized that the energy of the planet and the energy that surrounds the planet is changing.

The Schumann resonance is the name given to significant electromagnetic waves that exist between our planet and its ionosphere. The ionosphere envelops the earth’s outer atmosphere in rich layers of energetic materials and has been known to grow and reduce in size. The resonance has been attributed as the ‘background frequency’ [the energy of the planet] which has a direct and powerful influence on the networks of our brain.

A powerful purpose

What is the Schumann resonance? The Schumann resonance was initially discovered to resonate at a standard frequency of 7.83 Hz. This figure was determined through intensive studies of worldwide electromagnetic resonances caused by lightning storms in the atmosphere.

While complex, this electromagnetic field serves a powerful purpose, which is to protect all living things. Likened to a heart’s pulse, the frequency of 7.83 Hz has been revered by humans for thousands of years. Most notably, the ancient Indian Rishis called them OHM, which is the physical manifestation of pure sound.

Science and medicine prove that 7.83 Hz is a powerful frequency that has an important role when it comes to the brain.

It is linked to low levels of alpha waves as well as the upper range of the theta state. When humans engage in this frequency, health benefits include a meditative effect and an increased level of human growth hormone. Other benefits include an increase in the level of susceptibility to processes such as hypnotherapy, and energy healing technique, which creates a more profound healing experience.

Nature as the true healer

If we consider the nature of human physiology, it makes sense that our nervous systems could be directly affected by the earth’s resonance. This phenomenon confirms the long-held belief that nature is a genuine healer with true energetic powers.

Whether you are staying in a log cabin, sitting by a softly flowing stream, or sitting near the seaside as waves crash onto the shore, nature undoubtedly offers an abundance of health benefits. When you consider the opposite situations of busy city landscapes full of stress and congestion, it’s no wonder that medical professionals observe heightened beta brain waves that mirror the stress and congestion.

Nature is observed to reduce brain wave activity down to healing alpha waves. That observation makes it essential for you to get your nature fix on a daily basis (if possible!).

A historic frequency change

An interesting event occurred in 2017 which saw the Schumann resonance increasing from 7.83 Hz all the way up to 36 Hz +.

This is the first time in history that this frequency changed. Many researchers have been actively searching for the cause of the change; as well as trying to discover the effect this change might possibly have on human and non-human life here on planet earth.

According to neuroscientists, a higher range of frequency correlates with higher levels of stress across the board. This provides us with a clue as to what could potentially be having an effect on the resonance.

The power of human consciousness

Human consciousness has long been thought to have both a positive and negative impact on the Schumann resonance. That confirms to us that we, as well as the entire planet, exchange energy while being capable of having an effect on another’s energy.

We have certainly experienced a number of watershed moments, both good and bad, in the last two years. They have caused people to finally speak out, take action, or work towards change in every possible sphere.

With a collective approach, is it possible we as a group have had a direct effect on the resonance? Or are all our sudden realizations and actions a result of the resonance rising, not the other way around?

Importantly, what is this new resonance feeding back to us in return?

Acceleration’s effect on the human brain

What are the effects of raising your frequency? The increase in frequency in the energy of the planet is linked to an increase in our perception of time’s speed. It’s also linked to contributing to an overall higher level of conscious awareness. As the earth starts its next cycle of change, perhaps we will also be required to go through the same emotional and mental transformation?

This emotional and mental transformation could cause you to feel a variety of symptoms. They can range from simply feeling more tired than usual, physically or mentally exhausted, vertigo or dizziness, to slightly depressed.  You may also be experiencing greater fear, various emotional responses, and a subtle push to make new decisions or changes in your life.

As each person is actively working to raise their personal frequency to stay in alignment with the changes in the earth’s frequency, it will cause an uneasy feeling through the process of adjustment.

Keep in mind that it is all a part of your personal awakening to the energy frequency and that you will feel much better in no time at all.  By understanding the process going on within, you will likely experience relief from the common symptoms.


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