The Frequency Of Love

We’re talking about the frequency of LOVE today! The big L-O-V-E!

Oh, was that a typo? No, I really mean LOVE with the big, capital letters because this is a different kind of affection compared to the regular kinds of love we experience on a daily basis.

Types of Love

Say what? There are different kinds of love? Sure there are! The Ancient Greeks had it down to a T actually, and made a list for our reference:

  • Eros (Love of the body)
    This kind of love is based mainly on sexual attraction and not actual devotion.
  • Philia (Love of the mind)
    Sincere and platonic love, also known as brotherly love, the kind we share with our closest friends.
  • Ludus (Playful love)
    A flirtatious and playful kind of love that focuses more on fun than commitment, it involves actions like teasing, dancing, seducing.
  • Pragma (Longstanding love)
    Love that is developed over a long period of time, love that shows true commitment, understanding, and devotion to each other.
  • Agape (Love of the soul)
    What we call selfless love, the love that God has for the world, the love for humanity, compassionate love that allows us to empathize, serve, connect, and give service to strangers without expecting anything in return.
  • Philautia (Love of the self)
    Which has two kinds: the first kind of love that we do to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves happy and healthy. The second kind, which focuses on self-service and narcissism.
  • Storge (Love of the child)
    The love a parent has for their child, it is effortless and is full of sacrifice and acceptance, which makes the receiver feel safe and secure.

Agape Love

The LOVE I’d like to focus on today is very similar to Agape. The kind of love that just makes us feel good in ourselves and helps others feel good, too! This is the kind of selfless LOVE that our world needs more of today.

We need to look at each other and try to see what we can do for others, not what others can do for us. This kind of LOVE is infectious and travels around in good deeds, and all it needs to start is one person.

Love is Infectious

So, how do we attract the love frequency or the peace frequency into our lives? Have you ever experienced being in a bind — where maybe you were stranded somewhere and didn’t have enough money for a cab, or needed help finding your way to the nearest main road because you were lost, or had too many bags to carry from the supermarket to your car, or when you got caught in a heavy downpour, or suddenly fell and got hurt — and you tried to reach out (or sometimes you don’t even have to reach out because sometimes people just offer help without even asking) to a complete stranger for help, and without any hesitation, they gave it to you?

Don’t their actions just make you want to grab the nearest person in need and help them out, too? This is what I mean by LOVE is infectious. When we experience this kind of selfless LOVE from others, it makes us happy, and then we feel like we want “pay it forward” and help others out, too.

Frequency Of Love Heals Us

There are so many unsung heroes around the world spreading the frequency of LOVE without expecting anything in return, and that’s what heals us and restores our faith in humanity. It inspires us and lets us know that there is still a lot of good in the world. Isn’t that a comforting and inspirational thought?

This week let’s talk about what LOVE is for us and you can raise your frequency and experience more LOVE. How can we achieve the frequency of LOVE within ourselves? Then share it with others? How can we LOVE bigger?


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