Discover the missing piece and awaken to your soul’s core mission.


Shanna Lee

Intuitive Healer, Manifestation Coach and Bestselling Author

Your Soul Frequency is your unique energetic fingerprint. It’s your spirit, your soul, your truth. Understanding your Soul Frequency is the key to unlocking more joy, more fulfillment, more authenticity, just… more.

Shanna Lee is here to guide you to doing just that.


Discover the Tools You Need to Activate Your Soul’s Mission

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Stop doubting that voice inside you.

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than this?
Do you feel guilty or selfish for wanting more?
Do you ever tell yourself that your dreams are unrealistic?
Do you feel unfulfilled despite your accomplishments?
Do you feel disconnected from your true purpose?

Then it’s time to raise your Soul Frequency.
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“Working with Shanna has done exactly what she intended it would: revealed to me what I didn’t know that I didn’t know. She led me to uncover the very simple reasons beneath my behaviors and belief sets that have been undermining and sabotaging me for most of my life. These powerful discoveries were incredibly freeing and have served to open up my life, career and relationships in the most magical ways.”

Shoshana Bean
Broadway Star, Billboard #1 Recording Artist

“Shanna is an angel on earth and working with her has changed my life. Her program is unlike any other I’ve tried before. She has a unique way of peeling the layers off to get to the core of the issue…and embodies the highest frequency to build you back up and leave you feeling inspired.”

Kamilah Marshall
Recording Artist/Songwriter

“Shanna has truly transformed my life by coaching me and helping me to call myself up to my fullest potential. She is highly skilled, and extremely well versed at her craft. To work with Shanna is to not only learn to believe in yourself but to understand all the potential in the universe. The work I have done with Shanna has made me stronger than ever in my personal and professional life, and I am the happiest I have ever been.

Teddy Von Ranson

Shanna’s guidance, insight and never-ending support lead me to dig deep to my true self and become one with my soul purpose. Her energy and knowing enabled me to expand my life, love and work in the most incredible ways, constantly learning and leveling up with incredible results and real healing. You will find Shanna to be the most incredible partner for achieving something beyond what you can imagine.

Chris Brandell
Fine Artist,

Start raising your frequency with Shanna.

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The Soul Frequency Show

Channeling Albert Einstein | Barbara With

Channeling Albert Einstein | Barbara With

I love this conversation with my guest today, Barbara With. Even if your linear, logical mind can’t comprehend this information, it is one of those conversations where you can just relax and allow the frequency to flow.


The Soul Frequency Book


Discovering Your ‘More’

Unmasking Your Authentic Self

Unmasking Your Authentic Self

So who are you, really? We're all on this wild ride called life, right? And every now and then, we hit these big, life-changing moments. We usually share these with friends, family, and/or anyone who wil listen! But you know what's tricky? Trying to figure out who we...

What happens when you raise your Soul Frequency?

You begin to expand your perspective on who you are, your place in the world, and what your true purpose is. You are able to dig through the layers of your truth, remove the blocks that are holding you back, and start living your most authentic life.

Are you ready?