Transform Your Energy Frequency

How to change your frequency or raise your vibration?

As energetic beings, we have the potential to attract and repel virtually anything we wish to come to fruition in our lives. This transformative process all starts with our energy frequency being in line with who we truly wish to be in the world. If you feel like something is not quite right in your life, or if you have a mindset that is attracting unwanted situations into your life, then it might be time for you to transform your energy frequency and get back on track.

The anatomy of transformation

There are four pillars in the anatomy of transformation. They are designed to assist you in improving your energy frequency. When you complete all of the following steps, you’ll start to vibrate at your highest possible frequency and essentially change your life experience from the ground up.

1. Uncover and face the truth

Uncovering truth is the first and most important pillar because facing fundamental truths allows us to heal. When we really uncover the truths of every aspect of our current life experience, we can begin to start the process to transform our energy frequency.

This step can be tough because truths are usually buried in a place where they can’t be discovered – and for good reason. Due to their nature, it can be difficult to uncover and face truths head-on. These can be wide-ranging, from truths about relationships, friendships, how you spend your time, to even your occupation, sexuality, religion, eating habits, and addictions.

When you face truths and openly embrace them positively, they become powerful catalysts that serve as the starting point on a valuable journey. Before you proceed, ask yourself what truths you need to face in order to transform your energy.

2. Release uncovered truths

When you have uncovered truths, the next step is to take action and release whatever the denial of truth was holding over you. This is known as the release stage. Regardless of the truth discovered, there will always be something that has to be unleashed as a result.

The release of truths is valuable to transform your energy frequency. It is a process which enables us to begin to shift our perspective and change the way we present in the world. This release can be the release of thought patterns, the release of people and relationships, the release of experiences, or simply the release of habits that you decide you will no longer engage in anymore.

Think of release as a step in the process to becoming the truest version of yourself – what could be better?

3. Experience life in a new way

When you’ve uncovered truths and released them, you’ll immediately start to have a new experience. The experience stage is the result of an early-stage energy shift, which instantly changes the person you present yourself to be in the world. At this stage your energy appears differently.

Once we release what has been holding us in a negative pattern, we start to discover and experience true joy, happiness, balance, and fulfillment. Everyone who goes through this process experiences something completely unique to their situation.

How would your life experience change if you acted in alignment with who you truly are and who you truly want to be? What changes do you desire? What do you think you will experience once you transform your energy frequency to its optimal level?

4. Align with your new energy

The final step in the anatomy of transformation is alignment. This is the stage where we adjust to our new found experience. During this stage, new things appear in our lives and become a new part of our daily reality. This can be new experiences, new opportunities, a new community, new people, new relationships, as well as your way of seeing the world and all its possibilities in a different light.

In alignment, you adjust to how things are, act in alignment with your intentions, fully engage in your new experience, and maintain a positive outlook. All of these actions have a positive flow-on effect to your energy frequency. It is important that you embrace this new way of living and all that comes with it.

It can be a challenge as you continuously adopt new patterns and new ways of thinking and approaching your new world. With support, maintaining alignment doesn’t have to be so tough. Alignment is an exciting stage where you solidify your ideal world. If you haven’t experienced the process so far, how do you think alignment would feel for you and what would your optimum new world be like? What did you experience if you already made that journey?


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  1. Megan Simpson

    First of all, THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING ARTICLE PRICELESS SHANNA <3 that’s a heart by the way. I love you and your vibrational frequency website, info and vibe! I used to be very in time with myself and energy but bad relationships lowered it and every time I choose lower vibration people like that it affects me. Now, because of you, I can change my life!

    • Shanna

      Hi Megan! So happy you enjoyed the article! You are so sweet and I am so happy you resonate with the vibe of the website and my work. We all go through vibe lowering situations and with the right tools and information these situations can be the best opportunities for growth, expansion and deeper connection to our own soul frequency. Much love to you! <3


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