6 Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity

Want to manifest money?

If you are interested in increasing your wealth and feeling of plenty this year, here are 6 crystals for abundance and prosperity that you need to know to about.

Every corner of the globe has evidence of the human use of energy-storing crystals for a range of practices for thousands of years. As well as being credited with healing properties, crystals are lauded for their unique propensity to store and send energy.  What is the most powerful stone to attract money?  Here is a list of crystals that support abundance and prosperity.

Abundance and Prosperity Increasing Crystals

Ruby Crystals

Natural ruby crystals, with a blood-rich red, are renowned for attracting prosperity into the lives of its wearers and users. Rubies can be worn as jewelry or carried, or simply displayed in an important place in your home.

While appearing cross-culturally, rubies have maintained pride of place in Asian cultures. They were often used as a foundation stone to provide new buildings with good fortune.

Gamblers in modern days note the prosperity attraction rubies have, so they are often seen on the tables of Las Vega’s high rollers. But anyone can use the energy-attracting properties of rubies to increase their own abundance and prosperity.

Pyrite Crystals

Pyrite, known as ‘fool’s gold’, is anything but a trick to those in the know. While it appears to be like a cheap imitation of gold, it actually has interesting energetic properties that attract real abundance and prosperity into user’s lives. A metallic, lustrous dense-looking gold crystal with interesting internal structures, Pyrite is well-known for its ability to attract money.

While you won’t see it on gambler’s tables, you probably do have some in your house. Pyrite is acknowledged by industry for its energetic qualities, being used in Energizer lithium batteries.

Imagine its potential to manifest abundance and prosperity for you!

Citrine Crystals

Widely recognized as realizing prosperity quickly, the Citrine is also known as the ‘Merchant Stone’ for its ability to work wonders. The Citrine is a type of quartz crystal. It appears in a variety of colors from the most popular vibrant canary yellow all the way to a dusky brown.

It is hard to find natural citrines, so be aware if you intend on purchasing one that true citrines might cost a lot. Make sure to ask for confirmation of authenticity because many sellers are passing off treated amethysts as citrines.

Citrine has been recorded in human use since at least 300 BC by the Greeks. It is still sought after today by those wishing to make full use of the money stone’s legendary energy.

Yellow or Green Jade Crystals

Jade of various shades has been used by various cultures to attract abundance and prosperity. There are two different types of Jade: Nephrite and Jadeite. Both varieties attract abundance and luck into people’s lives.

Nephrite is the most common form of Jade. It is used by crystal devotees to attract money and prosperity into their lives. Jadeite is rare and can appear in a variety of colors, including yellow and even lavender.

Yellow jade is the most valuable color, simply because it contains chromium and is the rarest of them all. Yellow jade is renowned for its energy attracting properties. It would be an excellent addition to an energy-storing collection as it acts to strengthen all the crystals in its vicinity.

Tree or Moss Agate Crystals

Tree Agate and Moss Agate are similar in appearance and equal as prosperity producing crystals. They can assist you in being more profitable this year. Tree Agate is a white quartz crystal containing green inclusions and Moss Agate is similar green inclusions in clear quartz crystal.

These two crystals have been used simultaneously for thousands of years to drive prosperity to your door. It is often recommended that you plant an Agate Crystal in your garden on either side of your home’s entrance.

These beautiful crystals work to clear out your own energy to enable you to attract. Other crystals attract more positive feelings of abundance. If you are interested in increasing your wealth, perhaps an agate will help you achieve your goal.

Lodestone Crystals

Lodestone Crystals have been used to attract money for centuries. It has a unique charm because it is a naturally magnetic crystal, which means you can actually attract small objects such as nails, with the crystal. One of the only naturally magnetized minerals on Earth, the crystal is popular across the health, wealth, and spiritual realm.

Magnetic energy is a powerful energy. The Lodestone utilizes this magnetism to attract money and prosperity into your life. In fact, Lodestone Crystals were developed in the first magnetic compasses.

Lodestones appear dark and mysterious, with a deep black metallic luster as well as a rough finish. A Lodestone would be the perfect addition for the crystal enthusiast ready to attract positive energy while simultaneously repelling negative energies.

Enhance Your Abundance And Prosperity

Crystals have been lauded by various cultures across centuries for their unique ability to channel the positive flow of abundance and prosperity towards those who positively embrace them. As an energetic being yourself, you are sure to benefit from aligning with our planet’s powerful energy attractors.

Crystals can help you achieve your personal goals of abundance and prosperity this year, but the real question is, with such a beautiful variety of crystals on offer – how could you choose just one?


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