what is the soul frequency

What is the Soul Frequency?

Uncovering your unique soul frequency is your personal pathway towards a fulfilling life of abundance. So, what is the soul frequency? Well, we have to begin with the understanding that everything is energy, and all energy vibrates at a different frequency. Each person’s energy frequency...

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what is minimalism

What is Minimalism?

So, what is minimalism? Minimalism has become a mainstream practice, but have you thought about what minimalism really means? With so many different individuals promoting the umbrella term ‘minimalism’ as the best way to proceed through life, what does it actually mean and how can...

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change your diet overnight

Why It’s A Bad Idea To Change Your Diet Overnight

If you want to improve your nutrition, then you’ve probably thought about changing your diet. Here’s why it’s a bad idea to change your diet overnight even though a quick browse of the latest diet offerings would have you believe you can just switch with little...

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stop the negative voice

5 Ways to Stop the Negative Voice in Your Head

While you’re walking the path towards increasing your energetic frequency, it is essential to be aware of your inner voice. Your inner voice is free to say what it pleases, which isn't always a good thing. If you've ever observed your inner voice, you would...

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emotional causes of disease

The Emotional Causes Of Disease

Your body is always speaking to you.  The art of stopping to listen to it can not only provide the environment for healing physical conditions, but mental and emotional as well. Have you suffered from a disease and wondered what its presence could possibly signify...

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3 tips to finding the frequency of your life purpose

3 Tips to Finding the Frequency of Your Life Purpose

Have you ever felt as though you are doing everything right, but everything isn’t turning out as you planned? Are you having trouble with your life purpose? Although you may be meditating regularly, looking within, spending quiet time reflecting, eating a healthy diet, and more;...

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3 ways to protect your energy

3 Ways to Protect Your Energy

It's good to learn how to protect your energy. We are simultaneously inundated with the energy of other people, electronic devices, and the demands of life each and every day. It’s no surprise that energetic overload results in low overall energy levels, and leaves you...

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