Is Everyone Psychic?

Is everyone psychic, but they just don’t know it yet?

Let’s explore this together and this conversation starts with sorting out some terminology. When we say someone is psychic or intuitive we are talking about extrasensory perception. The definition of extrasensory perception is the art of being able to sense things without the use of our standard five senses. This way of perceiving the world is often called the sixth sense. On the path to aligning with your higher self and aligning with 5D frequency, you will begin to perceive reality in new ways.

Signs to look for

You may get a strong gut instinct that you need to make a specific change in your life or begin having powerful synchronistic moments that include a deep inner knowing that there is more to life beyond our physical reality. In the beginning stages of awakening your gifts, it is common for new awareness and emotions to rise to the surface. For instance, you may realize that a relationship in your life needs to change and along with that awareness you might feel some sadness or fear along with subtle stirrings of excitement for how this change might make your life better. It’s as if we are being gently guided to see all of the ways we’ve previously viewed ourselves, to sort out truth from illusion, and to clear the space for a greater understanding of who we really are. (hint: this includes the ability to perceive life beyond our five senses!)

Many times I get asked, “How do I tap into my gifts?” or “How do I know for sure if my gut instincts are correct? or “If I am intuitive will I visually see things? Am I supposed to be hearing the voice of spirit?” and the list goes on. These questions and many more are the natural process of discovery. We seek to understand our spiritual gifts with our linear mind and we want answers now. The awakening of your spiritual gifts is a multidimensional experience that is anything but linear and the best feedback system we have are the signs we experience as this process unfolds. You may be seeing lots of butterflies, dragonflies, or hummingbirds coming to visit you. You may start to notice Angel Numbers on addresses and license plates. And even if you miss them at first, the repetition of these signs is growing and something inside of you knows there is a message for you. Noticing and acknowledging these signs and their corresponding messages is valuable to the continual expansion of your intuitive gifts.

Opening up your gifts

One of the main accelerators of extrasensory perception is recognizing that these gifts already exist within you. For instance, as a small child, you have the innate ability to balance on your legs and at a certain point in your development, you learn how to balance and then walk. At the beginning of this learning curve, it requires much of your attention and eventually walking is an automatic ability that requires no focused effort. Extrasensory perception operates in much the same way. So the question becomes, how do I reveal that these gifts exist and then practice them until they are as natural as walking or breathing? Here are a few of the ways to start opening up your gifts:

Quiet time to reflect and tune in

Create time in your daily schedule to listen within and to connect with your thoughts and feelings. Creating a consistent practice of quiet time will allow the voice of your soul to become clear. You will begin to understand your unique thoughts and perspective separate from those you love. Your perception will evolve through this daily practice.

Remove the things that veil your gifts

Ask yourself what are the things that are keeping me from my gifts? What holds me in this three dimensional reality or behind this veil? What do I currently believe about myself and life that feels limiting? Do I find it challenging to trust my gut? Do I allow others to cloud my perception? Asking yourself these valuable questions will reveal new aha moments.

Return to nature

Return to nature and what is natural. Even though we live in a highly industrialized world, we are still a part of nature. We receive oxygen from trees, we need sunshine for Vitamin D, and the list of connections goes on. Spending time in nature will help you remember your natural essence. Eating close to nature, drinking mineral rich clean water, and steering clear of toxins as much as possible can boost health but also supports you energetically and can clear the path to greater awareness.

Creating space

If you want to receive a wonderful relationship, money, or your soul purpose, you have to create space, a container, for this. We have to rethink how we use our awake hours. Are you making room in your life for extrasensory perception or are you too busy to notice the signs and messages? Are you visualizing the things you desire and welcoming them into your life or are you busy focusing on the absence of them? Making space energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally is like rolling out the welcome mat to the front door of your heart and life.

Clearing trauma, pain and old habits

Another step in unwrapping your gifts is clearing past trauma, pain, and old habits. These narratives keep us circling in what I call drama cycles. Where we get our energy wrapped up in things that don’t serve us or help us grow, they simply waste our precious energy. Embracing emotional healing and making peace with your past is a powerful catalyst for awakening your gifts. When you are no longer tethered to other people’s drama, you clear the space for the voice of your soul.

Stay close to the light

Being around people who carry light frequencies and light codes and who have awakened intuitive gifts will help accelerate the process for you. These people serve as activators, listening to them, being around their energy is going to turn on a switch in you. Once that switch gets turned on then you can start to access greater perception beyond the five senses. Remember, that you are always taking in frequencies and energy from the stuff that you’re around. This is a wonderful process when you are around energy that you want to pick up and integrate.

Be mindful that you can also pick up energy that feels negative. You can be affected by the media, people, circumstances, etc. and your energy can be thrown off as a result. Do you have a person in your life that is constantly bringing you down? Pay attention to that feeling and give yourself permission to create some space between you and that person if you don’t want to absorb their energy. Once you start to be mindful of this and shift away from those negative energies you will start to see massive shifts in your extrasensory perception.

Feeling lighter

Whether you are down the path to mastery of your gifts or are just becoming curious about it, opening up extrasensory perception is a beautiful way to grow and honor yourself. Even if it feels a bit strange at first because of old programming and narratives, these six suggestions will help you feel so much lighter and more tuned in to your soul’s purpose.

Are you seeing signs and receiving messages? Trusting your gut instinct a little more each day?
I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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