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3 Tips To Finding The Frequency Of Your Life Purpose

3 Tips to Finding the Frequency of Your Life Purpose

Have you ever felt as though you are doing everything right, but everything isn’t turning out as you planned? Are you having trouble with your life purpose? Although you may be meditating regularly, looking within, spending quiet time reflecting, eating a healthy diet, and more;...

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3 Ways To Protect Your Energy

3 Ways to Protect Your Energy

Why is it important to protect your energy? It's good to learn how to protect your energy. We are simultaneously inundated with the energy of other people, electronic devices, and the demands of life each and every day. It’s no surprise that energetic overload results...

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3 Catalysts To An Awakening Experience

3 Catalysts to an Awakening Experience

It is rare for intense periods of spiritual awakening to occur in isolation. When you examine significant periods in someone’s life to see when their level of awakening has shifted radically, you can often pinpoint a series of awakening catalysts or events that drove that...

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The Amazing Crystal To Create Change In Your Life

The Amazing Crystal to Create Change in your Life

If you’re interested in making changes in your life this year, then you’re probably wondering whether crystal energy might serve you well in your quest. Today we’re going to look at an amazing crystal, one of the most incredible crystals for transition and change, known...

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9 Signs You Are Being Guided Towards A Soulful Life

9 Signs You Are Being Guided towards a Soulful Life

Have you ever felt like something important was missing but you didn’t know what? Have you felt like you were being gently nudged by the universe towards something different? Regardless of the sensation, it might be a clear sign that you are destined for another...

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Healing With The Frequency Of Sound

Healing with the Frequency of Sound

Voice is a frequency and a powerful communicator of both energy and intention. Have you ever observed how someone’s voice can have a healing effect on you almost instantaneously? Humans have long observed the healing properties of vocal toning for centuries. What does your tone...

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