reasons People Keep Eating

5 Reasons People Keep Eating When They Are Full

Hunger is just one of the reasons people keep eating.  It’s a fact that most of us live to eat, not eat to live. Have you ever found yourself reaching for a cookie, helping yourself to a second serving, or binge-eating while binge-watching your favorite...

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negative energy

5 Crystals that Protect You from Negative Energy

Crystals are much more than pretty decor or eye candy. Each type has a unique energy signature, purpose, and specialty. Some crystals are useful for meditation and enlightenment. Others are popular for their powerful negative energy blasting abilities. Whether you wear them on your body...

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common ingredients to avoid

4 Common Ingredients to Avoid

Deciphering ingredient labels can often leave us scratching our heads in confusion and bewilderment. As the rule of thumb goes, if you can't spell it or pronounce it easily, you probably shouldn't eat it. Although this is sage advice, it's also important to do some...

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vibrational frequency

5 Reasons To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

There’s certainly no shortage of vibe-raising memes and motivational images popping up in social media feeds, most likely leaving you to wonder what the deal is with vibration, and why it’s so important to raise yours. While there are a million reasons to make the...

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Frequencies That Heal

2 Frequencies That Heal Mind And Body

You may be familiar with the term “healing vibes,” but what does it mean, exactly? Our world is composed of vibration, and everything holds a different frequency. Through music and tones, we can utilize the science behind these phenomena of frequencies that heal to harmonize...

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nutrients for mental health

4 Important Nutrients for Mental Health

Did you know that your physical health can greatly influence your mental health? Consider the most physically-healthy person you know. Most likely, they enjoy a clear mind, optimistic outlook, and a healthy amount of self-confidence, to boot. When it comes to nutrients for mental health,...

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Frequency of Disease

The Frequency of Disease

Once we have the facts and figures in front of us, it’s clear to see that the frequency of disease vibrates at a lower vibration than our bodies are used to; it’s not hard to understand how and why disease of any kind can lower...

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Anxious or Depressed

5 Foods to Avoid When Feeling Anxious or Depressed

Food not only plays a major role in our physical health, it can affect our moods as well. Experiencing anxious or depressed feelings can make us reach for a tub of ice cream or zip through the nearest fast food drive-through, but unhealthy eating practices...

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Insulin and Cortisol

5 Tips for Balancing Insulin and Cortisol

Although estrogen, progesterone, and leptin are the more popular hormones, insulin and cortisol are major players, too. Insulin is produced by the pancreas, and helps manage sugar levels, while cortisol is a steroid hormone (also known as the stress hormone) that primarily manages metabolism, the immune...

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