frequency of your name

The Frequency Of Your Name

Did you know that your name has a frequency?  There are numbers assigned to the spelling of your name that create a certain vibrational frequency. Numerology identifies the frequency and characteristics associated with a given number. Each letter is assigned a numeric value, based on its...

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power of belief

The Power of Belief:  3 Things You Need To Know

The old adage “I’ll see it when I believe it” exists for a very good reason. The power of belief is amazing. Similar to an intention, a belief is founded in faith and confidence. While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to believe, it’s...

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End Perfectionism

How to End Perfectionism

The phrase “nobody is perfect” may be true, but we live our lives trying to reach perfection regardless. After all, who doesn’t want the picture-perfect life? The media reinforces this desire by urging us to find that perfect man, have the perfect career, reach that...

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creating the reality

Is Reality Real? Understanding Quantum Science

We all want to believe that what we see is real, but is reality real? Are you working on creating the reality? In almost every branch of science it proves to be true, save for one - quantum science. This branch has been studied since the...

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stop giving up

How To Stop Giving Up And Start Playing The Long Game

Have you ever given up on something and looked back thinking maybe you could have made it work? Giving up happens in relationships, with our health goals, in business and in every area of life. Let's learn how to stop giving up. We live in a...

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reducing belly fat

5 Tips For Reducing Belly Fat

As we age, we become more susceptible to the dreaded “spare tire.” We often chalk this belly bulge up to metabolism, but its roots often go deeper than its layer of fat. To win the battle of the bulge by reducing belly fat, we have...

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obsessing about food

How Obsessing About Food Can Cause You To Gain Weight

What you focus your attention on grows. If you’re obsessing about food and your weight, chances are your waistline will grow, too. This is because you are actually focusing your energy on the problem instead of the solution. Similar to the law of attraction, we...

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stop stressing

Stop Stressing – 6 Ways to Find Greater Peace

Between the news headlines, disturbing political agendas, and shocking natural disasters, peace can be elusive these days. The American Psychological Association has issued a “Stress in America” snapshot that includes some alarming figures. Although stress levels were in a lowering trend, they rose substantially during...

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reasons People Keep Eating

5 Reasons People Keep Eating When They Are Full

Hunger is just one of the reasons people keep eating.  It’s a fact that most of us live to eat, not eat to live. Have you ever found yourself reaching for a cookie, helping yourself to a second serving, or binge-eating while binge-watching your favorite...

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negative energy

5 Crystals that Protect You from Negative Energy

Crystals are much more than pretty decor or eye candy. Each type has a unique energy signature, purpose, and specialty. Some crystals are useful for meditation and enlightenment. Others are popular for their powerful negative energy blasting abilities. Whether you wear them on your body...

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