Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

Today, we’re talking about spiritual awakening and the stages of spiritual awakening.

As we talked about in my previous blog post, a spiritual awakening is a very big deal and can mean many different things. It brings about a lot of new experiences and sometimes even the release of many things that no longer resonate with us personally. A spiritual awakening is often experienced as a “waking up” to new perspectives, new beliefs, and a whole new sense of what is important in our life.

It’s somehow akin to waking up one day and realizing that the life you are living might not be everything you want it to be.  You may feel like changes need to happen and be unsure of how or what needs to change. This is when we usually wonder if we’ve reached our true potential or found our real purpose. This can bring about a whole lot of questions almost immediately and it may seem like you’re seeing yourself and your life in a whole different way. Sometimes it could also manifest with exhaustion and not being able to find the motivation or energy to do the same things over and over again.

How to know if you are going through a spiritual awakening

So how do we know if you are going through a spiritual awakening? Here are a few telltale signs:

      • You feel like changing one or more areas of your life
      • You have gone through a loss of some kind that is making you reevaluate life
      • It feels like you are unfulfilled in ways you may not have realized before
      • You are questioning your life, choices, and purpose
      • Emotions are stronger lately and you really want them to go away
      • You are starting to consider new perspectives
      • Simplicity has become an important virtue
      • You are fine spending time alone and actually enjoy it
      • You see life differently than other people in your family
      • It seems like a good idea to pay more attention to your physical health
      • You are questioning if your relationships are healthy
      • You are feeling more intuitive
      • It feels like you can see people’s true motivations
      • You have no time for judgmental or negative people
      • You feel passionate about making your life better
      • There is a bigger picture to life, and you know it
      • You want to understand more about your existence
      • You find yourself learning about meditation, teaching it or doing it often
      • Nature has become more important to you and you spend more time there
      • You start using the word “awakening” in many conversations
      • You feel more compassionate towards others and want to help

Embrace This Moment

You are evaluating your life and something inside of you wants to make the world a better place. Maybe you never really thought much beyond your life, but now you are considering the collective whole, the stars, this beautiful Earth, and what this entire experience is really about.  While this moment in time can feel like an upheaval, it is also the birthing of something new.

It is extraordinary and you are about to discover so many beautiful things on the amazing path ahead.  While growth is usually challenging, so is standing still in a world that is ever evolving.  So, my advice is to embrace this moment.  Know that you are not alone and get support, guidance, and coaching to make the transitions that life is presenting to you.


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