What is Wisdom?

What is wisdom? What comes to your mind when you hear the word “wisdom”?

Do you have that one role model in your life that you think is really wise and represents wisdom for you? Is it your Parents? Grandparents? Or a spiritual leader? I’m sure it’s someone you immediately think of speaking with when you’re feeling confused or sad and unsure what to do with yourself and how to move forward.

It could be anyone in our life really, but the one thing that jumps out about these people is that they are super connected to a higher source. When you speak to them about your problems it feels like they really “get” you and offer reassuring and valuable advice. Somehow their answers always resonate with you in a powerful way. We look up to these people so much. It is common to aspire to be like them, to be the kind of person that helps other people, the kind of person that everyone gravitates to.

And yes, these people are a godsend, but we also need to remind ourselves that in order to have obtained the kind of wisdom, they have likely gone through a lot of tough experiences in their lives. They have spent time reflecting on those tough experiences and learning from them.


How to get wisdom?

We all eventually want to feel like we’re on the path to becoming wise. Can we really facilitate that process? Of course, there are some actions we can take to expand our wisdom. But we have to remember, that the root and purpose of wisdom are teaching and learning. And in that sense what we learn is always meant to be shared with other people with the intention of bringing value to their lives.

So, to make sure we make the most of ourselves and grow on the path of wisdom, we can:

Try new things

When you put yourself out into the world, you give yourself an opportunity to see new horizons and meet new people that you can learn from. Going on adventures, doing things you’ve never done before, making mistakes, will give you chances to learn and reflect on the experiences. Because let’s face it, if you choose to stay in one place and do the same things forever, then how can you grow?

Step out of your comfort zone

When you step out of your comfort zone, you learn to face your fears. And yes, of course, there’s always that possibility it won’t go well, but what if it goes great. Courage to step out may be the very thing that changes your life in a positive way.

Make an effort to talk to people, be open-minded

Talking to people from different walks of life and cultures opens your mind to new beliefs and ideas. By listening to other people’s experiences, you’ll learn to open yourself to new possibilities. You will be able to relate to people more. Don’t judge others, especially if you have no idea who they are, what they’ve been through and how it is to be in their shoes. Greater wisdom, connection, and love is birthed through an open mind.

Soak up education and read a lot

The best way to learn new things is to enroll in a class or a workshop. It’s always beneficial to learn from other people’s knowledge and experience, and it could prove to be beneficial for you, as well. Reading books, and doing research work really well, too! Reading is another way to soak up knowledge and gain experiences through other people’s perspectives. Stories and books are also one of the more popular ways we are taught values and morals as children.

Find wise mentors, but remember everyone is human

Like we mentioned above, we each have that one person in our lives that we look up to. It is great to aspire to be like our role models, especially when they set great examples for us to follow. Observe your role model, and try to figure out what it is about them that you like the most. Try to apply it to your life, but also remember that they’re only human and they make mistakes, too! In our eyes, they are perfect, but that have their own anxieties. They have had their own failings. It’s best for us to accept everyone’s lows along with their highs.

Always be humble, think before you act and be true to yourself

You will never know everything, no one does! When you find yourself in a complicated situation, ask questions, ask for advice. Think about every factor, make a pros and cons list, anything you can do to help you make the best decision for everyone involved. Be true to your values and your conscience. Always think about how your actions could affect others. Wisdom is gained through being true to yourself.

Learn from your mistakes and share your wisdom with others

Even the most well-thought-out decision can still end up being the wrong one. Sometimes we do our best and things really just don’t work out. It’s best not to revel in the negativity of making mistakes, but to reflect on them. To think about what you could possibly do differently so that you’ll be better prepared next time. And lastly, of course, share your experiences with others. Not to say you should tell people what to do, but you could show others how to be open-minded, not judgmental, and considerate. Consider how your mentors were for you. See how you can become a similar role model for others who could benefit from it.

If we do our best and keep these things to heart, we’ll be well on our way to becoming wiser and kinder individuals.


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