what is a cleanse

What Is A Cleanse?

So, what is a cleanse? You may have heard of this from the many popular diet options that have taken center stage these days. Although there are different types of cleanses depending on a specific goal, the major objective of a cleanse is to remove something from your diet or lifestyle in order to promote weight loss or achieve better physical health. And there are many cleanses on the market. The most popular cleanses involve replacing all solid food with either plain water, fruit juices, protein or vegetable shakes. But is that always the healthiest option?  There are differing opinions and yet, the one thing people ask me the most is, “Can I cleanse without being hungry?”  And the answer is, yes!

Not All Cleanses Are Equal

Although cleanses have become very popular they are not all created equally. It is important to understand how the body detoxifies and what nutrients the body needs to support the detoxification channels.  If done right, cleanses can be a wonderful tool with great health benefits. Many people choose to do them from 2-4 times a year to give the body an extra boost.

The first time I did a cleanse, I didn’t take to it very well. I didn’t feel good while doing it.  I wasn’t educated on the A to Z of cleansing and literally, felt awful.  It zapped my energy and left me feeling worse rather than better.  I thought to myself, there had to be a better way to go about this cleansing process than a homemade body cleanse where people feel like they are suffering through the whole thing. I began to educate myself. And realized that when done properly, cleanses are great for promoting health, improving moods, and raising energy levels; as well as raising our consciousness about our body, and our food.  Thankfully, all of my subsequent cleanses were powerful health building experiences.

Why We Need To Cleanse

Over time and with unhealthy habits our body takes on a burden. A lot of our weight gain can be tied to inactivity because we’re juggling so many responsibilities in our daily lives. While we’re distracted by taking care of these countless other things, we forget that we need to take care of ourselves as well. We forget to try to eat balanced meals or drink eight glasses of water a day. Then, at the end of a long, exhausting day of work and service, what do we tend to reach for? Something sweet, salty or fatty that helps us feel relaxed — which for some of us comes in the shape of a tub of ice cream, a box of pizza, or a few bottles of beer, right?

There are other factors that usually push us to unhealthy foods other than the comfort-seeking aspect. There are also studies that indicate that if we’re going through some kind of emotional turmoil, it comes out in a form of hunger which leads us to reach out for specific types of food to cover up for those emotions. Our cravings could actually have more of a psychological aspect rather than physiological when we say, “I want something sweet”. Psychotherapist and spiritual teacher, Doreen Virtue, the author of Constant Cravings, says cravings for food and overeating due to our mood are affected by four core emotions: Fear, Anger, Tension, and Shame (FATS). She says that we unconsciously have cravings for the food that can release certain chemicals that could address the emotional issues we’re experiencing within our bodies. If we leave our emotional issues unresolved, our cravings will continue to persist.

The Soul Frequency Experience

Putting all of this into consideration, it is entirely possible to eliminate our harmful food cravings if we were being mindful of our personal needs and emotional concerns. Sometimes we need a “jump-start” to change our habits in a more positive direction.  That is why I created “The Soul Frequency Experience”.

I will also help you be more aware of what you could be going through behind the scenes, and what you need to do to address it whether it be a physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual need. You’ll learn all about the do’s and don’ts of a healthy life.  It’s a win-win for anyone who wants to upgrade their life. So, what is the best detox cleanse for weight loss? A great place to start is to answer, what are the reasons that I eat?  We explore all of this an so much more in The Soul Frequency Experience!

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