What is Manifestation?

We hear about it everywhere these days. Manifestation. But what is Manifestation?

People share stories about how they have manifested wealth, success, love, and good health. And they inspire others to use their manifestation ability to create fulfilling lives for themselves as well. And yes, wealth, success, and love are all manifestations, however, the idea can be somewhat confusing.

While it is true that we can manifest our desires, it is important to remember that we are always manifesting. Whether we are conscious of it or not we are always co-creating our reality even when we create what we don’t want. People who are sharing their experiences with manifestation are referring to consciousness. Or intentional manifesting because they are using certain techniques to alter their reality.

Manifestation is the name of the process that is occurring when energy is transformed into matter. Every object, every person who exists in your reality has been manifested into form.

We are vibrational beings

…in a vibratory universe, and we all have the power to bring energy (an idea, thought) into our physical reality. This is not a skill reserved for the lucky few, we are all natural-born manifestors. And whatever unwanted situation we find ourselves in the midst of we have the power to influence it once we learn how to use our natural manifestation skill in a way that is for our own individual and the collective good.

As beings in a vibratory universe where everything has its own energetic imprint, we will access and attract that which is resonating on a similar frequency to that of our own.

Our thoughts and emotions carry frequencies. Drawing to us the very things that are occupying our consciousness on a daily basis and so when we change our thoughts and beliefs, we change our vibration and alter our reality.

The subconscious mind

The most important aspect of our manifesting experience is our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is the host of all of our experiences, belief-sets, and unresolved emotional traumas and it is the content of our subconscious mind that determines what kind of reality we are experiencing.

If we are habituated into thinking negatively and if we hold onto low-frequency emotions like fear and anger or possess limiting beliefs about or own worth, then that is what will be reflected back to us. This will prevent the manifestations of our desires to flow to us, and, we often end up manifesting what we don’t want.   

We attract what we are

Be the change you want to see in the world, they say, and this certainly applies to manifesting. I want to talk about children because they are some of our greatest teachers here on Earth. They are joyful, authentic, creative with a lot of passion for life and they are great manifestors.

Thinking back, I remember how easy it all seemed when I was a child. What comes to mind is the memory I have of winning a pink bicycle in a drawing contest when I was five. About a month earlier I had shared with my family that I wanted a bicycle – and there it was outside my door with the mailman one day, more beautiful and sparkly than I ever could have imagined. 

Children let their emotions flow freely

(at least until they are taught not to) and this is very important to learn from because our creativity and self-expression are inextricably linked to our emotions.

Further, children truly believe that they are worthy of having everything they want. They are aligned with their desired manifestation and because they have this unwavering faith in the Universe and their ability to create what they want and the awareness of their own worth, their desires flow to them.

Children vibrate at a very high frequency the frequency of love – and this is where abundance, joy, and happiness are natural states of being. Children see the world through the lens of magic an ability we all can access if we choose to open up to it.

The power of (self)love

What we give out comes back to us –  this is how it works on our Universe. If we want to manifest a reality of love, joy, and abundance then that is the vibration we must send out. Because the universe is all about the balance of giving and receiving, we cannot give love if we don’t love ourselves. To manifest a reality we love, we must, therefore, work on loving ourselves. When we show up in the world as whole, unconditionally loving beings we access the highest frequency of all which will skyrocket our ability to manifest.   

The power of manifestation is an integral part of the spiritual path. Which is not so much about adding to ourselves or `becoming` but about removing layers so that we can embody as much as possible of our own unique soul frequency. And in this way effortlessly draw into our experience what we desire and what was meant to be ours all along.

What we seek is seeking us

Yes, we have the power to manifest what we truly desire. I say truly desire because we may be a bit confused in this area as the societal model of the ideal life might not be what our heart truly desires. Our soul’s desires are actually resting on the threshold of our reality. Just waiting for us to open up and access them. When we are in alignment with our essence, and we are a vibrational match for the things we want to experience  – they will appear in our reality.

In order to consciously use spiritual manifestation to bring forward our desires, we need to release whatever is not serving us. Further, we need to be mindful of what kind of thoughts we are thinking. The feelings we are feeling. And we need to take aligned actions toward manifesting our desires. On a fundamental level, we are our habits and if we desire a better life we need to think better, feel better and do better. However, these behaviors will come naturally as a result of shifting our energy and raising our consciousness. 

Manifestations of our true desires

… are the enriching rewards we receive for being on the spiritual path. And they should, in my opinion, be viewed as a measuring tool for what kind of frequency we are living at and what we are sending out. I view my manifestations as signposts showing me that I am on the right path and serving my life purpose. Our highest frequency is the frequency of our soul and this is where all the magic happens.


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