5 Questions Awakened Souls Ask

You know that I love curiosity. I think curiosity is the beginning of everything wonderful in our lives.

Yet as a society, we’re not really encouraged to question things. Society, marriage, careers — life. We’re merely taught to put down our heads, get through it and stop complaining about the whole thing.

We’re also often taught that questioning is weak or disrespectful. Fake it till you make it. Don’t question authority. It’s no wonder we fear the unknown!

But when we quiet the questions, we’re likely to miss the tugging soft voices of our souls, too.

So, let’s talk about some really common questions that awakened souls ask as we’re going through this process; we’ll also take a look at why we’re asking these questions in the first place.

We’re going to start by exploring some of the discomfort we might experience as these questions arise — and yes, while these experiences may feel uncomfortable, they’re all totally normal.


Questioning Is Normal

All this questioning is so valuable and important — so, don’t stop questioning! It’s an important part of raising your frequency and shifting your consciousness.

And the most important thing to remember? It happens to everyone. Though we may often feel alone in this questioning (and like no one else has ever experienced these uncomfortable shifts), we don’t get to higher frequencies in a vacuum.


Review Is Normal

There’s a lot of review and life review for awakening souls.

I, for one, love life reviews. It’s so important and to truly understand our journeys, we need to piece together the puzzle.

There are often events in our pasts that we’re not even conscious of that inform our presents.

And when we look back, we can glean information about how we got to where we are. If there’s something in our past that’s affecting our present — something we want to shift in one way or another — we can go back and repattern the past event that’s causing stress, strife, fear or worry today.

The ability to go back and shift the events that have led to our current situations is very powerful.


Ego Death Is Normal

When we change, we need our lives to change along with us. When we grow, we may start to feel as if we’re growing out of our lives. We may need to upgrade the rest of our lives to feel more in alignment.

As you start to identify these growth-minded feelings, your ego may start getting in the way. And it may try to talk you out of these changes.

One of the most common ego questions is, Why am I bringing up all these silly things in my head?

It wants to protect you and keep you safe — that’s the ego’s job. This is totally normal, and we’ll talk about ways you can deal with your ego while still listening to your soul.


5 Questions Awakened Souls Ask

Questioning is the first step in evolving.

Maybe you’re questioning your life — your reality — for the first time, and maybe you’re questioning it for the 100th time. It really doesn’t matter how many times you ask yourself these questions because we all have our own unique paths.

The questions on this list may be ones you’ve asked before or are currently asking yourself. If they resonate, you might smile in recognition as you’re reading this.

1. Is there something more for me than this?

Is there something more for me than:

  • This relationship?
  • This job?
  • Being x, y or z?

You may also be asking fact-finding questions, like:

  • Why am I so unhappy in my life?
  • Why do I feel unfulfilled?

Or, questions like these could be seeking better circumstances:

  • What’s going to make my life better?
  • What is it that I need to know or see or do to make my life better?
  • How can I make my relationship, my job better or my health better?

You can apply these questions to any area of your life. This is the beginning seed of awakening.

As you start to look around and you start questioning, more questions may arise (which should naturally happen — questions beget more questions, right?), and you’ll start to identify what you want more of in your life.

For example, I’m just not happy with my job. Now, do I need to leave my job? Or is there something I can do to transform my job dissatisfaction, so my job fills my needs? These questions are all evidence of growth, change and expansion.

As you begin to question, you might start feeling doubts. Your ego might be whispering in your ear that these thoughts are crazy. Let’s just go get ice cream and forget about it.

The soul asks burning questions, and then the ego usually tries to snuff out that flame.

There’s this little dance that happens. The soul keeps speaking a little louder, and these soul whispers become more like soul screams if you keep ignoring them.

And then there’s that ego again… telling you that you’re crazy.

So, of course, you almost have to ask yourself…

2. Am I crazy?

Have you ever felt like you must be crazy to want what you want?

If you have and you’re reading this, you can just give a metaphorical hand raise because usually at some point or another, there will always be this, Am I crazy to want this? thinking.

Of course, many people in your environment might be going, “Yep, that’s crazy,” but they’ve also been firmly seated in the old reality you’ve been living in.

So, you have to ask:

  • Am I crazy to be wanting change?
  • Am I crazy to leave this relationship?
  • Am I crazy to leave a job?
  • Am I crazy to try something new?

Am I crazy to want what I want?

And think about how interesting that question is. Am I crazy to listen to my soul calling out for what it wants? This is kind of like a version of, Am I crazy for being me? For connecting with my authentic self?

It’s fascinating, right? We do feel a little crazy as we raise our frequency and recreate our reality.

3. Is it possible for me to do this?

Then we start to ask questions like, Am I in fantasy land? Or, Is this really realistic?

I’ve been entertaining these thoughts for a while and getting excited about them.
But now I’m just wondering, I’m probably not crazy, but I might be in fantasyland?

Or this might be unrealistic. Even things like:

  • Do I actually believe in myself?
  • Do I have the energy to do this?
  • Am I courageous enough to do what I want to do?
  • Am I the person that I need to be to have this?

Maybe other people can do this, but can I actually do this?

4. How did I end up here?

How did I end up here? is another common line of questioning that our souls ask us as we awaken.

When we start to awaken, we’re naturally curious as to how we ended up in circumstances that make us feel so out of sync with our highest purpose.

We ask ourselves, Does it really feel good?

Does life feel good? Did getting to where you are now feel good? And if it doesn’t feel good, you might start to ask yourself, What choices led me to the life I’m living right now?

It’s common to reflect on life events, patterns or choices that led you to this state of being.

You go through this whole life-in-review now that you’re awake, trying to pinpoint where you drifted away from your highest consciousness. Maybe the ego-to-soul-self ratio was heavier on the ego at some times — and you just want to isolate those moments.

Finally at a certain point, you’ll realize that you’re not crazy and this is not a fantasy. And that’s when it sets in: you’re connecting with high-frequency information. Are you ready?

5. Am I ready?

Your first thought might be, I’m ready! And then, Wait? Am I ready? It’s normal to toggle back and forth between the two.

  • Am I ready to let my soul self speak for me?
  • Am I ready to make a change?
  • Am I ready to receive all the goodness in life?
  • Am I ready to believe in myself?
  • Am I ready to believe in what I feel in my heart and soul?

It’s so important that we get to this place where we can proclaim, “Okay, I’m starting to get comfortable with who I really am!”

I have the power to feel good again.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave a relationship or your job or whatever circumstance is making you feel bad. But you can start to shift the dynamics in your life so you can feel good in these situations.

Alright, how do I do that? What are the steps? How do I rise up? How do I do those things I love?

How are the mechanics going to work? What are the moving parts? How do I discover and connect deeper with my purpose? And how does all this come together?

What’s the process: beginning, middle and end?


What do these questions all mean?

Your soul came here for a reason, and it’s really important to be in a space where you can discover what that reason is and how to integrate more of your purpose into your life.

Many times people ask these questions without sharing them with anyone else.

But to be in a safe, sacred place, where you can explore all of these questions without someone else interjecting their frequency into a decision-making process, is when this questioning becomes extremely powerful.

And because of the way that the planet is evolving, this work is going to become more and more important.

Over the next year, massive amounts of people are going to wake up questioning, taking a look at themselves, taking a look at their lives.

It’s a beautiful process to walk through this questioning without resistance and proclaim, “It’s my job as a fellow human being and a community member to step into my soul’s highest alignment to hold this higher frequency for humanity.”

The questions open the door.



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