catalysts to an awakening

3 Catalysts to an Awakening Experience

It is rare for intense periods of spiritual awakening to occur in isolation. When you examine significant periods in someone’s life to see when their level of awakening has shifted radically, you can often pinpoint a series of catalysts to an awakening, or events that...

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create change in your life

The Amazing Crystal to Create Change in your Life

If you’re interested in making changes in your life this year, then you’re probably wondering whether crystal energy might serve you well in your quest. Today we’re going to look at an amazing crystal, known as Moldavite, which has the unique power to create change...

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guided to a soulful life

9 Signs You Are Being Guided towards a Soulful Life

Have you ever felt like something important was missing but you didn’t know what? Have you felt like you were being gently nudged by the universe towards something different? Regardless of the sensation, it might be a clear sign that you are destined for another...

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healing with the frequency of sound

Healing with the Frequency of Sound

Voice is a frequency and a powerful communicator of both energy and intention. Have you ever observed how someone’s voice can have a healing effect on you almost instantaneously? Humans have long observed the healing properties of tone of voice for centuries. What does your...

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12 universal laws

Are You Living According to the 12 Universal Laws?

If you feel unable to move forward in a specific area of your life, it is probably because you are working against the flow of the universe’s fundamental laws. In order to move forward, the first thing you need to identify is which of the...

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10 things that lower your frequency

10 Things That Will Lower Your Frequency

The choices we make have a big impact on the current level of our frequency. If you are looking to increase your energetic frequency, then the first thing you need to do is avoid all choices of things that lower your frequency. Let's look at the...

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crystals to attract love

Crystals to Attract Love

Crystals use their unique energetic potential to attract plenty into user’s lives. The crystal of unconditional love, the rescue stone, and the stone of the compassionate heart are renowned for bringing love into people’s lives. With this powerful capacity in the palm of your hands,...

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transform your energy frequency

Transform Your Energy Frequency

As energetic beings, we have the potential to attract and repel virtually anything we wish to come to fruition in our lives. This transformative process all starts with our energy frequency being in line with who we truly wish to be in the world. If...

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