crystals to attract love

Crystals to Attract Love

Crystals use their unique energetic potential to attract plenty into user’s lives. The crystal of unconditional love, the rescue stone, and the stone of the compassionate heart are renowned for bringing love into people’s lives. With this powerful capacity in the palm of your hands,...

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transform your energy frequency

Transform Your Energy Frequency

As energetic beings, we have the potential to attract and repel virtually anything we wish to come to fruition in our lives. This transformative process all starts with our energy frequency being in line with who we truly wish to be in the world. If...

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Blocking The Frequency Of Success

Are You Unknowingly Blocking The Frequency Of Success?

Why is it that some individuals enjoy plenty of success and have tapped into flow of great rewards into their life while others seem unable to receive abundance? Unfortunately, some people are unknowingly and unconsciously blocking the frequency of success. They don’t receive the success...

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energy of the planet

The Energy of The Planet is Changing

While we like to think of ourselves as beings made up of energy, the same can actually be said of our planet as well as the space it inhabits. Researchers have long hypothesized that the energy of the planet and the energy that surrounds the...

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crystals for abundance and prosperity

6 Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity

If you are interested in increasing your wealth and feeling of plenty this year, here are 6 crystals for abundance and prosperity that you need to know to about. Every corner of the globe has evidence of the human use of energy-storing crystals for a range...

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move through fear

How to Move Through Fear and Take Back Your Power

If you feel that fear has taken the upper hand in your life, it’s time for you to discover how to move through fear and take back your power. Persistent fear can negatively affect your quality of life. Unchecked fear can prevent you from fully engaging...

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momentum turning thoughts into things

Momentum: Turning Thoughts Into Things

What does it mean to have momentum turning thoughts into things? We all know what it feels like to have “one of those days,” right?  You know, you snap your shoelace while trying to cram in a quick lunchtime workout.  You hit massive traffic on your...

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derailed by distractions

Are You Getting Derailed by Distractions?

Sometimes, I sit down to write and I literally resist what is trying to pour onto the page.  Distractions are a dime a dozen, making it almost impossible to get things done.  So I ask you, check around your life and see - Are you...

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weight loss has little to do with food

What if Weight Loss Has Little to Do With Food?

There are many diets touted by experts and users, and they have their merits.  Bookshelves are lined with new ways to nourish your body for better health, decrease in symptoms of various diseases, and facilitate weight loss. There are scientific journals and publications releasing new information...

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beliefs that will keep you stuck

5 Beliefs That Will Keep You Stuck

So, what 5 beliefs will keep you stuck?  Before we answer that, we must see that each belief we hold has its own energy frequency.  Positive beliefs about life and yourself create a flow of energy that animates your life and keeps you feeling healthy...

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