Signs You Are Ready

Just as we are about to cross over a threshold and courageously step toward our purpose, there is a readiness that happens. It happens for everyone at a different time.

Sometimes it happens just in one area of your life (career, personal relationships or love relationships), and sometimes it happens in more than one area.

It doesn’t matter how it happens. But there are many common signs that often rise to the surface and you may continue to see them over and over.

It’s valuable to know what these signs are — especially if they resonate with you — because when we begin our spiritual awakening process and when we start experiencing life a little differently, we start feeling different, too.

Common Signs You Are Ready



I talk about my own journey of awakening in my book, The Soul Frequency.

Some of the words that often popped into my head during my awakening were love and truth, and I kept asking myself, What do love and truth really mean?

Pondering this sent me down a rabbit hole. I started researching the meanings of the words love and truth, which ended up opening a portal to new information and learning.

Sometimes signs show up like that. It all starts with curiosity and awareness of something new.

For me, it was those two words.


Angel Numbers

For you, it may be words or even angel numbers. Maybe you start seeing the same angel number, time and time again.

And you may start wondering, What does 222 mean? I see it everywhere all the time.

These numbers are pulling your attention to them — something I like to call highlighting. Spirit is highlighting a message for you, and you may start noticing these messages more and more.



These signs are also often found in nature.

In the beginning of my awakening, I saw a lot of signs with butterflies, hummingbirds and squirrels. It felt like nature was convening with me. Butterflies would fly around my head almost as if it was a choreographed dance. I would see things in the clouds, and I would hear things as the wind blew by my ears.

It became such a beautiful external reflection of my internal evolution.

Signs like that start showing up, usually when we’re ready to know ourselves in a new way. Or, when we’re ready to move forward in a way that we haven’t before.

And it’s funny because members of The Soul Frequency Experience share stories of these miraculous moments all the time.

Someone will say, “Everywhere I go, I keep seeing this particular type of butterfly, and it’s just always around me all the time.”

Another member shared this feeling of profound spiritual love surrounding them — almost like a hug from the universe. It was calling them forward, saying, “You’re safe, you’re safe.”

Signs are merely invitations — invitations to experience the world in new ways and to shift your vibrational frequency to a new level — you’ll be able to walk forward and connect to who you really are.

We talk a lot about the rainbow in TSFE, which is a great visual analogy.

I don’t know if you loved rainbows when you were a child, but I certainly did! When I was a kid, I used to draw them with a little pot of gold at the bottom.

There are so many analogies to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and to understanding frequency through the lens of a rainbow. All of the different colors of the rainbow are different frequencies.

We are born into one frequency (I call this frequency the red stripe), but we can choose to live at a different frequency.

That’s really what the core of TSFE work is about, being able to consciously choose the energy frequency you want to live at.


Common Struggles


Dealing With Our Egos

The hard part of awakening to our soul purpose is that we’re all born into egoic existences, which are veils separating us from our deep and personal spiritual truths. Egoic lenses make our limiting beliefs look real. They distort and create inaccuracies in how we view ourselves.

In TSFE, we remove that egoic lens so we can see our soul self and build a foundation and a life based on our souls’ purposes.

The signs are simply pointing at you, encouraging you to notice them.


Noticing Discord

When we hear discordant notes — like someone playing the guitar out of tune — we kind of cringe.

We have that same type of bodily reaction when we’re around disharmony in our lives, too. Because the disharmony of our outer life is not a reflection of our soul self. Or, we may want to cringe when people (often this is the same people over and over) say things that don’t feel resonant.

Every single person in our TSFE community has felt that disharmony.

Yet when that happens, we don’t know what to do. We aren’t ever trained to shift the energy in a conversation or in a relationship dynamic to become harmonious to our soul selves.

In TSFE, we talk about how to utilize our own lifeforce energy, how to attract the energy that matches ours and how to repel that which doesn’t.

Many of us experience these discords and they just don’t feel good. We don’t want them but we also just don’t know how to live without them.

In part, this is an inability to communicate how we feel because we’re afraid of what others will think or how they’ll react.


Communicating the Truth

The Truth conversation is a formula for initiating powerful conversations for change with the people you love, and they are formulated to leave everyone feeling good.

Think about that. Most of us worry that if we told the truth to the people we love, they’d be offended, disappointed or upset.

But what if you could have a conversation that elevates everyone to a super high vibe and leaves them feeling better than when the conversation began? If conversations like this could be a win-win, we wouldn’t be so hesitant to tell the truth.

In TSFE, we have a formula for initiating these conversations in a way that makes everyone feel good.


Dulling Life’s Discomfort

Everyone on a spiritual journey wants to live in alignment with their soul selves — even if they wouldn’t use those exact words.

We desire (at a fundamental level) to feel in harmony in our life. When we’re not in harmony, we feel those knee-jerk cringes, whether we’re conscious of them or not.

Those cringes can be dulled by food or alcohol or work.

It’s so much easier to welcome harmony into our lives than we could ever imagine. But when we dull life’s discomfort, we also dull our ability to recognize the signs and welcome life’s flow, too.


Recognizing the Signs & Welcoming the Flow

When we’re in harmony, our energy is flowing, our creativity opens up and our intuitive gifts open up, we have a sense of personal safety (maybe even one we’ve never had before) to be who we are in the world.

As soon as your light is shining bright, you start magnetizing all kinds of positive energy into your life — because you were willing to listen to the signs and you were willing to show up and learn about your own energy.

This beautiful flow starts happening.

Our spirit and soul recognize, Oh, this is what it felt like right before we came to be human. It’s all flow.

This beautiful way of magnetizing and creating feels so different from all of that very dense three-dimensional blocked energy.

We truly have the ability, at this time on the planet, to free ourselves from that stuff that feels heavier and have fun.

Just have fun being this amazing soul and dance around this planet enjoying all of your senses.

That’s why the human experience is unique, right? It’s why we’re here to be able to see and hear and feel and taste and smell and experience this human existence in all of the ways that nourish you.


Acknowledge the Signs

Whatever signs are presented for you, just acknowledge them.

I see you. I see you, Angel numbers. I see you, butterflies. I see you, signs.

Acknowledge them and express gratitude to your guides and angels for presenting these signs and for being on this journey with you and for encouraging you to open up to experience more magic and excitement.

Just send out that gratitude and love.


Welcome the Flow

Just say, “I’m open.”

If there’s more for you to see and experience and hear and feel, stay open and in that openness. More and more will start to come.

The desire to clear out what doesn’t feel good anymore will grow. Allow yourself that growth and expansion.

We’re used to our egos in the drivers’ seats and our souls in the back. There’s a switchover when we notice the signs and welcome the flow where the soul takes over in the driver’s seat so its voice becomes louder than your ego’s.

We get into all of this in TSFE, and we’re getting ready to open the doors to this experience again. We had such a great time in February and we are going to make this circle even bigger by calling in more soul family.

Many people share that they feel more connected to their TSFE soul family in six weeks than they’ve ever felt with anybody in their lives. The ways in which a soul family can see you and understand you right off the bat are incredible.

Meeting our soul family is an activator for the next level of expansion in our lives. It’s a beautiful exchange and a beautiful experience.

Here’s to seeing the signs, enjoying the journey and allowing your heart to expand.



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