How to Live Now- 5 Ways To Be More Present In Your Life

Have you ever looked back on your life and asked yourself “where did the time go”?

Do you ever feel you are unconsciously going from one day to the next? Maybe you don’t even recall what you did yesterday?

We are living in a fast-paced world. A world where achievement is highly valued. Where entertainment and distractions are a huge part of our lives and we rarely slow down unless life forces us to do so.

This desire for more can easily become a way of stiving for tomorrow and forgetting about today. The problem with this way of living, however, is that tomorrow is an illusion that doesn’t really exist.

All that exist is the now. Each new, raw moment. Therefore, in order to truly experience our life, we need to practice presence.

When we are living in the here and now, we allow ourselves to simply be. 

The feeling of being present is one of calm and contentment. When we are deeply present in the moment, we are not worried about the future or in regret about the past.

Now, how, do we go about this? How can we become more present in our life? How can we live more now?

The following steps can be helpful in making us more present in our daily life:

1. Take a digital break

Social media can greatly distract us from being present. We can be so absorbed in social media that we forget to pay attention to how we feel and what’s going on around us.

Now, don’t beat yourself up if you spend a lot of time with your phone in hand. This is exactly what our most beloved apps are designed to do – hold our attention for as long as possible.

In order for us to be present in our own lives, however, it’s important that we limit the time spent on digital devices. I’m not suggesting that you have to spend an entire week without your phone. However, it can be very healing to spend a day or even just a few hours without your phone constantly demanding your attention. 

Try taking a digital break for one day every week if at all possible. If that’s difficult for you, try taking a couple of hours on the weekend. Turn your phone on airplane mode and be fully present for the people you care about: laugh, play, and engage in deep conversation.

2. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the most effective ways of being present in the moment. When we are grateful, we feel satiated, fulfilled, and that all is well. 

Gratitude is a very high frequency practice. To be grateful is to be fully present living in the now, not in the future or the past.

3.  Do breathwork or get some exercise

Our bodies are always living in the present. Due to this fact, getting back into our bodies will assist us in getting back into the here and now. Therefore, spending time tuning into our bodies is a great way of connecting with the current moment.

Practices like conscious breathing, yoga or meditation are great ways of being more mindful of each moment. Further, vigorous exercising, whether it’s dance, strength training or running is very effective in grounding us into the moment.

The mind-muscle connection occurring during exercise forces us to be present. Intense exercise makes it difficult for the mind to wander and so it reminds us of where we are.  Exercise pulls our energy into our bodies.

4. Heal your trauma and let go of the old stories

One of the fastest ways to become more present in our life, is to let go of the past. Then, we are able to see things as they truly are and not through an old wounded, worn-out lens.

By healing our past hurts and raising our frequency, we are more easily able to become childlike, and thinking of each moment as a potential to experience something great.

When we are bringing our old stories with us into the present moment, we are recreating that by projecting our past onto the future. Thus, it’s not some predetermined “destiny” that keeps us in certain undesirable patterns, it’s the ancient stories we keep telling ourselves over and over again.

These untrue stories are usually based on our early life experiences. They need to be healed and released, so they no longer control our ability to live in the here and now.

5. Get uncomfortable

In order to be fully present in our life, it’s very important that we stretch our comfort zone and embrace our fear of the unknown.

If we never challenge ourselves, we easily end up going through life unconsciously and automatically, never being fully conscious or present to the moment.

Always doing what we know feels safe and comfortable, however, if we’d like to live a life that’s extraordinary, a life that’s in alignment with our truth, we have to be brave and willing to explore unchartered territory.

We have to stretch ourselves and try new things. So, get into the uncomfortable zone and see yourself becoming more present in your life!

Our happiness is dependent on our ability to live in the moment

“Forever is composed of nows.” – Emily Dickinson

So, why is it so important that we are present to the moment?

Well, when we are constantly chasing something in front of us, we miss out on our own life because life is happening right now.

In order to be truly happy, we have to present, because our overall happiness is dependent on our ability to be content and satisfied in the moment. Happiness is not something that will be generated by one great future event but rather by many moments of contentment.

Further, happiness is found when we are grateful for what we have and who we are right now. When we don’t need to be or do more.

It’s found when we are living life on our terms and find joy in what we are doing here on Earth. And when we are living a life that we truly love, being more present comes as a pleasant side-effect.

Because when we love our life, we don’t want to tune out and miss the ubiquitous magic. We want to be present to it all.

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