Why You Need to Be a Rebel to Be Truly Healthy and Happy

Are you happy with your current life experience?

Do you have ideas on how it could be better, but you’re not sure how to manifest those ideas? Perhaps you crave a new lifestyle, but feel like others will judge you for making that choice? If you identify with any of these scenarios, you’re not alone. Society tells us what we should settle for from the moment we are born, but life is not a one size fits all product. Here is why you need to have a bit of a rebel personality to be truly healthy and happy.

Brave enough to listen to themselves

Rebels are stereotyped as going against the accepted way of life to create things that may be questionable, silently judged, or even vocally disapproved. But rebels come with a unique power. With a strong sense of inner purpose, they choose what they want regardless of the chorus around them that says ‘they can’t, they won’t, and they will never be’ – regardless of what that ‘it’ is.

7 things rebels do for better health and happiness

1. Follow a healthy eating plan

Many people experience the inner call towards veganism or vegetarianism but are put off from it because of other people’s reactions. It’s no surprise that vegans are often considered rebels.

As they unashamedly choose an eating plan that honors them, they make others feel uncertain as they highlight things other people think, but don’t want to admit. Being a food rebel is about being incredibly healthy and happy after making a definite choice. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fruitarian, paleo, etc., you have selected that because it is the choice that suits you and feels good in your body instead of being told that is the “right” way.

2. Quit a job they hate

Money is necessary, but it’s a poor trade if you earn it in low-frequency activities which leave you feeling drained and miserable at the end of every working day. However, society tells us we need to get and keep a “good job” preferably until we hit retirement age.

Rebels know that money is in abundance, so they quit and transform their passion into a stable source of income. What’s more, rebels often exceed their original salary, because their new frequency naturally aligns them with even greater success.

3. Give up the desire for approval

Rebels don’t care about having the most fashionable on-trend shoes, an Instagram account full of body shots, nor a need for a new handbag seen on the arm of the hottest models in Paris.

Rebels have an innate desire for happiness, which attracts other like-minded people into their zone. With a rapport based on a more philosophical approach to life, the rebel finds a genuine connection with people, animals, and places, so the desire for constant approval ceases to exist.

4. Follow the tune of their inner voice

Rebels say no when they mean it and yes when they mean it. Society tells us we should care about people’s feelings. In the case for women, we should be superwomen – everything to everyone at every time. Rebels say no and they say it with love. They set boundaries in honest ways and communicate in ways that respect others feelings, time, and energy.

5. Quit relationships with toxic people

A rebel knows when a friendship or acquaintance has crossed their boundaries and dares to cut ties at the right time. A rebel doesn’t wait, compromising their energy as they waste time with someone who only intends on dragging them down to their level. They actively spend time with people who are aware of their energy and return quality energy in abundance, which equals happiness for everyone.

6. Choose a relationship that honors their sexuality

Intimate relationships are a fundamental part of our health and happiness. Rebels choose relationships that honor their true sexuality, and they make no apologies to anyone. If you’re in a relationship with someone who does not honor your natural inclination, your health will start to deteriorate as it takes everything you have to act happy, when in fact your heart says otherwise.

7. Disregard norms

It’s no surprise that rebels often express themselves through the way they dress, how they speak, and how they live their lives. Whether it is pink hair, piercings, day sleeping, wearing men’s clothes as a woman, or living a nomadic life, they vibrate with the highest level of energy when in alignment with their truth. Living outside of the societal norms is a bold act, and an important one if it resonates with you. Do you! Being free to be is the path that leads to happiness.

Truly listen to yourself

While there will be naysayers, remember to be kind to those who criticize you. Most people don’t know how to deal with a rebel tendency. In most cases, they secretly wish they could be as ‘brave’ and free as you are. Release any criticisms you hear knowing they are just the speaker’s innermost feelings about sacrifices they’ve made in order to conform to society’s demands.

If you genuinely listen to your inner voice, you’ll hear what it has to say. It takes bravery to act, but the freedom you’ll obtain far outweighs the worry of other people’s opinions. Rebelling towards your inner call will help you become healthier and happier than you’ve ever thought possible.


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