5 Steps Stop Stalling and Start Manifesting

Maybe you’ve used manifestation techniques in the past that didn’t work for you. Maybe you keep holding yourself back in different ways.


Here are 5 steps to help you stop stalling and start manifesting:


1. Find out who you are and what you desire

Lets face it. Many people don’t know themselves enough to know what their desired life actually looks like, and it may look different than what you think on a conscious level. Maybe youve seen someone else who seems happy with their life. And automatically believing this will be right for you too? And maybe it will but maybe it won’t.  Let’s talk about how to manifest.

We are all unique souls with different journeys and purposes here on earth. It can be helpful to at least entertain the idea that the life that will feel the most authentic, fulfilling and awesome for you may look completely different from someone else’s life.

Sure, you can manifest a life that is not aligned with your purpose or your values. But attempting to do this may actually be the reason you are feeling stuck or don’t feel excited about taking aligned actions towards achieving your goals. Maybe youre not lazy!

Further, specificity is needed when we are manifesting, so it is essential that we know exactly what we desire in order to receive that or something better. Here are three ways that may help you get clear on what you actually want:


Having a daily meditation practice is a great way to connect with yourself and your desires, guiding you deeper into yourself and finding out what you truly want to experience in life. It may also give you some clues as to where you are holding yourself back what you are afraid of and what limiting beliefs you inhabit. 

Pay attention to what makes you happy

What kind of things do you find joyful? What kind of activities are you engaged in when you feel you are at your happiest? Awareness around what you love to spend your time doing, and then spending more time doing exactly that. This is how you will move toward manifesting your authentic, healthy and joyous dream life!


If you find meditation difficult, journaling is another great tool that can be incredibly helpful in the creation of your desire. Writing is discovery, it is a communication channel where we can get to know ourselves on a deep level. Allow yourself to do some free flow writing and see what comes out. You may be surprised!

2. Take aligned action

On fear

Action is one of the most important aspects of manifestation and yet very often this is where people get stuck. Often, we feel a lot of resistance and fear, or we might feel unworthy of having what we desire.

Funny enough, taking action is one the most effective ways of overcoming our fear and resistance, however, if we feel paralyzed or overwhelmed it can be very helpful to communicate it. 

Embrace what you’re feeling and ask yourself: What am I actually afraid of? After that, ask yourself: If my biggest fear manifested, would that really be the end of the world? Would the outcome be irreversible? Would I be alive?

Very often, as you may experience, a positive and desirable outcome is way more likely to occur than a negative one.

On Perfectionism

Don’t expect yourself or your creation to be perfect! Perfectionism is toxic when we are trying to create anything in our lives. Thinking it has to be perfect from the beginning actually inhibits action and is actually a major block. Just allow yourself to create something good or bad – and continue to take action again every day and watch yourself gaining energetic momentum.

3. Trust

When we are trying to manifest something in our lives, unwavering belief and trust that our subconscious mind and the Universe is working for us is key to our success.

We have to surrender and focus on what we do have control over i.e. the aligned actions we are taking every single day towards manifesting our goals as well as the thoughts we are thinking. It is very important that we stay unattached from any particular outcome because it is possible and even probable that we will receive our desire in a different way than we imagined.

Have you ever stated out loud that you desire something, thinking your subconscious mind and the Universe didn’t hear you, only to see it appear in your reality in a completely unexpected way? Exciting, right?

Another reason why it is important to remain unattached is that by not trusting and letting go you are not truly believing, which is essential. Not believing, thinking it is never going to happen will often lead to self-sabotage, inaction or at best a serious delay in receiving what we desire. So, trust yourself and trust the Universe!

4. Share your vision with the right people

When we are in the process of manifesting something it is vitally important that we are being mindful about who we are sharing our ideas and desired with. At some point in your life, you may have shared an idea you were very excited about with someone, only to have them tell you how bad the idea was. 

Now, they may have pure intentions. Maybe they fear that you are making a big mistake in your life. Or maybe they are simply negative. No matter what their intention is, the reality is that the fear and doubt others have about us and our ideas can easily make us trapped in their negativity. Doubting ourselves, self-sabotaging and talking ourselves out of something we do desire to have or experience in our life. 

Sharing can be very good and very helpful when you need encouragement and support on your journey. But make sure to only share your thoughts, ideas, and desires with someone who is open-minded, living an awesome, high-vibe life of their own and are supportive of you and your ideas such as a manifesting coach. 

5. Enjoy the journey

In the end, it is all about the journey. When we are trying to manifest something the most helpful thing we can do to accelerate the process is to acknowledge that life is good as it is today and at this moment. 

Be grateful for every good thing coming your way, regardless of how small or big it is, and make the most out of every single day. Dream big but simultaneously tell yourself that you will still be happy, joyful, awesome and fulfilled even if your dream doesn’t come through.

Desire much, need nothing because it is when we are in this state of mind that we stop stalling and start manifesting goals at a very rapid pace.


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