Momentum: Turning Thoughts Into Things

What does it mean to have momentum turning thoughts into things?  It is important to understand the momentum of thought.

We all know what it feels like to have “one of those days,” right?  You know, you snap your shoelace while trying to cram in a quick lunchtime workout.  You hit massive traffic on your way to an important meeting.  Your children won’t stop bickering, and the Starbucks girl completely messes up your order.  The cards seem stacked against you, and everything feels like an uphill battle.

And, we’ve all had days when the exact opposite was true:  Doors magically seem to open. Results come easily, and you attract the things you are looking for without a lot of drama or struggle.   So…  How can we account for this vast difference in the quality of our day-to-day life experience?  In a word, momentum. Let’s explore how momentum turns thoughts into things.

Momentum is the principle behind Newton’s first law of physics. It states that an object at rest tends to remain static, while an object that is moving is more likely to sustain its forward motion.  This principle exists in every facet of our physical experience, but a really easy place to see it in action is during a football game.  Positive momentum is created when the running back barely catches a pass fired under pressure from the quarterback and charges down the field to score a game-changing touchdown. Negative momentum is what’s at play when a team, formerly up 21-zip, watches in stunned dismay as their opponent battles back from a huge deficit to win it all in the final moments of the game.

We are subconsciously drawn to the feeling of momentum as we tune in to game after game to experience this powerful force that sweeps us up into its vortex while delivering a thrill ride like no other.  We enjoy every minute of watching our favorite athletes chanting, jumping in unison, and even hitting themselves and their fellow teammates to get psyched for the battle that’s to come.

In the same way that professional athletes have learned how to harness the power of momentum to win games and draw spectators to the football stadiums, each of us has the ability to utilize this powerful energy to manifest the outcomes that we most want to create. To have momentum turning thoughts into things can be part of your life too.  It is important to know the difference between positive and negative momentum so you can get the momentum moving in the right direction!

Thoughts Create Spirals

It is not just athletes that need to train their minds for greatness.  Most of us unwittingly practice what could be called “reverse momentum,” in the sense that we’ve become so accustomed to indulging thoughts that undermine the success we desire, that those thoughts actually occur to us as “normal.”   It’s “normal” to spend hours obsessing over insecurities or self-doubts.  It’s “normal” to live in a kind of perpetual state of frenzy or overwhelm.  It’s “normal” to give petty annoyances so much mental air time that we block ourselves from being able to live in an upward spiral reality.

The bottom line?  If you think terrible thoughts, you’ll create terrible outcomes.  Try this on for yourself:  Think thoughts such as, “Why me?” “This is too much work,” or “I’ll never succeed.” You’ll see they feel horrible or even paralyzing.  Then try to focus your thoughts on something you want that you already believe in – such as, “I’m perfect for this job,” or “I’ve succeeded many times before.” The energy generated by those thoughts is high, light, moves fast, and feels fabulous.  Every thought you have generates momentum – either in the direction of something wanted or something unwanted.  There are no neutral thoughts.  You get to choose what type of spiral you experience and the momentum that is created with each thought that flies through your mind.  Thoughts are the currency of creation.

Turning Thoughts into Things

Here are 3 steps to help you transform drain-circling momentum in any area. Make your life a life-giving, upward-moving spiral of momentum changing thoughts into things:

1. Begin by acknowledging that no matter how great the vortex of a downward spiral is or how much momentum it has been allowed to gain. No matter how much debt is blocking your experience of abundance; no matter how much tension or stagnation is keeping you from feeling great in your body, and no matter how much resentment is undermining the free flow of love and appreciation between you and your kids, your boss, or your life partner – momentum is nothing but energy in motion, and energy can always turn on a dime.  This reversal begins in the subtle realm of the mind; not at the level of action, but at the level of thought.

2. Make a commitment to more actively and deliberately choose your thoughts, and notice the difference in your mood as you do. Don’t try to weed out all negativity all at once, but rather lean in the direction of the thought that feels best in each situation and moment.

3. As the momentum of your positive thoughts and feelings continues to build, allow yourself to follow inspired impulses to take action. Become receptive to clues toward your fulfillment that the universe is always providing as your momentum turning thoughts into things.

When you allow momentum to build in the silent realm of thought and emotion, it simply cannot remain in its unmanifested form. Now you know what it means to have momentum turning thoughts into things. Doors open, connections are made, and voila – you’re on an upward spiral, in the end zone and dancing!


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