5 Things You Need To Know To Find Your Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered, what is my life purpose?

Many people go through life without the feeling of a defined purpose. However, having a clear purpose and actively working in line with your purpose is one of the key ways to achieve true satisfaction in life. If you haven’t been able to find your life purpose yet, don’t stress. There is no magical age where you should have everything in place. You may in fact find your purpose evolves over time. Today, I’m going to share the many ways you can find your life purpose so you can start to find out what you are meant to do with your time here.

5 steps to finding your life purpose

1. Look for clues in the things you like to do

Your life purpose can be found hidden inside the things that give you joy. Spend some time thinking about how you feel when doing certain things or engaging in certain activities or hobbies. What brings you sheer joy? There is a positive energy that runs through your body when you are doing what you love to do.

Do you like to read books? Knit? Run marathons? Cook? Dance? What is it that makes your heart sing? You need to know what you like to do to find your life purpose. And you need to do the things you like to do on a regular basis, even if they are done in your spare time, to begin with.

2. Be aware that finding your purpose may trigger fear

Being brave enough to consider your life purpose, essentially the value you are contributing during your time on this planet can trigger fear. Fear may be as old as life on Earth. It is a fundamental, deeply wired reaction, evolved over the history of biology, to protect organisms against a perceived threat to their integrity or existence.

Fear is a full-body emotion that will elicit a response in the brain and also in your heart rhythms and a host of other bodily responses. Go into this journey expecting to be challenged on every level and you’ll be more likely to come through it with ease. Learning to move through fear is an essential part of your life purpose. Find out more about how to move through fear here.

3. Know that your time is valuable

The previous version of you may have been content spending your time doing things you didn’t enjoy with people you may not have liked, but understand that doing so is an active choice. How you spend your time each day is an indicator of how close you are to being able to find your life purpose.

Many times we spend our lives doing things that we don’t like, like being at jobs where there is no joy, or in relationships that are not working. All of that takes up our precious time and energy feeling worried, frustrated, angry and stuck. Do you find yourself caught up in negative emotions and it feels like the years are slipping by? You need to know that managing your time effectively is crucial to being able to find your life purpose. You need space to dream, set intentions, and discover what makes your heart sing. If you are so busy and caught up in negative experiences there is no room to do that.

4. Understand that it is an inside job

Many people go through life looking for a purpose somewhere in the world. In fact, true purpose is never found outside of you. It is only something that rises to the surface when you are no longer caught up in engaging in things that are low vibe.

Purpose is actually an energy frequency that anyone can connect to at any time. It is a by-product of doing the inner work of evaluating what you like to do, what in your life is not working in your favor, and beginning to make powerful choices that feel better for you. You need to know that your life purpose will appear when you look within.

5. Live with no regrets

Like most valuable things in life, you will find your life purpose when you are meant to discover it. When you see others living out their purpose, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that they are doing it better, or that they are ahead of you, or that you should have figured this out sooner.

Thankfully, there is no “right’ time. The timing happens naturally when you are in a position to embrace these five things and find your life purpose. Maybe it is today that you embrace these? Maybe next year? The important thing is that you do what is in your heart and follow the path meant for you.

The right fit will appear

While you may be eager to find your life purpose, it is a process that is not meant to be rushed. Instead, enjoy the journey of discovery as it is in this time that your true purpose really takes shape. Trust that you will find your Soul Frequency in divine timing. The journey is the gift!


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