Are you JOY – FULL? 6 Ideas to Increase Your Joy

So, how to find joy in life? Joy resonates at a vibrational frequency of 540; a higher frequency than love at 500.

So obviously, the importance of joy for healing and enjoyment in life is profound. We think of joy as a childlike state, and as adults, we tend to temper our joyful emotions; but inside of you that little boy or girl seeks joy. Everyone could do with a little more joy in their life.

Here is a list of things that bring joy to your day:

1. Create your joy list

Most people have a vague idea of what gives them joy, but how great would it be to have an actual list of things that bring immense joy? Start by writing down everything you can think of that makes you feel joy. Keep that list somewhere where you can reference it on a regular basis. Start checking off items as you do them – you might discover you have multiple checks next to your favorite things, which is great! You were able to increase your joy!

2. Do something ridiculous

Children are joyful most of the time because they allow themselves to move, feel, believe, act, and be as they desire. Unfortunately, adults learn to grow out of this and regulate their behavior into more acceptable, “sensible” patterns. Take some time off from being an adult, and do something you’d never do simply because it is silly. Get outside of your personal box and explore what joy could mean for you.

3. Schedule time for joy

Our schedules are booked up with things we “must” do. How often do you block out time for an hour of JOY? Simply write joy on your calendar. When that time approaches, stop what you are doing, and do what brings you joy. This is where your joy list will come in handy – you’ll always have a new item to enjoy, or simply get creative and do something wild.

4. Do something that you loved to do as a child

Children are masters of joy. As a former child, you have a unique insight into what joy means for you. Did you enjoy roller skating, dancing, face painting, or jumping on a trampoline? Do those activities and unlock your inner child to increase your joy. Bring back the rush of joy that was readily experienced then and see how your wellbeing improves. Even better, do these activities with friends, even friends from your childhood if they are still living nearby.

5. Spend time playing with children

Children stay so focused on the moment that it makes it hard for your attention to wander anywhere else. In their purity and joy, we begin to vibe with them, increasing the energy levels of everyone present in the group. Spend time playing with children to increase your joy, and see if you can relearn something you forgot about the benefits of play.

6. Create time to bring other high vibe people together

When high vibe people come together, a natural sense of joy normally follows. Gather like-minded, high vibe people together based on a common mutual interest. This could be a book club, a sacred circle, or a monthly luncheon with your tribe. Simply be in the presence of joyful women or men and see your level of joy rise.

Joy is within reach

Regardless of how you currently feel, joy is always within your grasp and you can raise your frequency at any time. You are always one choice away from experiencing joy. Use these ideas when you next need it, and begin to take control of your life experience. How lovely is it to realize that joy is always right at the end of your fingertips?


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