10 Ways To Get Out of A Funk and Into Alignment

We all have those days. We’d like to stay in our pajamas all day long, lying on the couch binge-watching our favorite shows.

And while that’s absolutely the right thing to do on certain days, it’s good to know how to make the day a little better and even how to turn it around if we have to. 

Here are 10 ways to help you get out of the Funk and into Alignment:

1. Exercise

This is definitely one of the best ways to get out of the funk. Even though exercise may be the last thing we’re thinking about when we feel down, getting out of our heads and into our bodies is one of the most powerful ways to change our energy state and get back into alignment. 

With exercise, it’s very important that we choose an activity we enjoy as it’s not supposed to feel like a punishment. The activity is supposed to be fun, so we should find a form of exercise that we are looking forward to doing on a consistent basis.

2. Music

Music is a great mood enhancer. It has the power to uplift in an instant and to change our energy state in record time. The sound waves are changing our waves, so we need to make sure we are choosing it wisely.

If we sing along out loud, it’s important to make sure the lyrics feel empowering and in alignment with our truth.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude is a very powerful energy state shifter. Keeping a journal where we write down everything we are grateful for is especially helpful on those days when we feel down.

Then, we can read through our journal and remember all of the miracles and connect with the certainty that we will have more of them in the future.

Further, there is always something in our lives we can be grateful for, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Consciously choosing to focus on the good changes our energy! 

4. Nature

Spending time in nature is a great way to instantly feel more aligned. Mother Earth welcomes us into her loving embrace. She assists us in recognizing that beneath the pain we are currently experiencing, there is love.

Time in nature makes us realize how supported we are at all times, even when we feel like we are not. That realization alone can make our day much better.

5. Talk to a conscious friend

Talking about our feelings with someone who truly cares about us is a great thing.

It is, however, very important that we share with people who are conscious and accepting and are able to hold space for us without judgment.

Whenever we are in the funk, we should connect with someone who is comfortable in their own emotions to let us feel what we need to feel without trying to change it.  An energy alignment coach can also be helpful in integrating natural spiritual alignment.

6. Creative expression

Art is therapeutic! Any form of art is helpful with processing emotions, so whether it’s writing, painting or singing, we should find our favorite medium and enjoy the fun.

Moreover, artistic creativity can help us identify old trauma or pain and assist us in recognizing where we have blocks that are holding us back, so that we can heal, release and embody more of our soul frequency.

7. Get some energy healing

We are not meant to deal with everything on our own, and sometimes it’s necessary to get some assistance. Energy work can really help us get back into alignment on those days when we are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. 

There are many different kinds of energy healing modalities, so we need to do our own research and find the kind that resonates.

8. Spend time alone and meditate

Being alone is not the same thing as being lonely. Constantly socializing can easily become a way of distracting ourselves from what we need to work on. It is important that we take the time to sit with ourselves and listen to the voice of our soul.

Meditation is a very useful tool because it can assist us in detaching from our thoughts and feelings. It reminds us that whatever we are feeling is a temporary experience, but it’s not who we are. Being reminded of this truth can help us feel more in alignment.

9. Treat yourself

If we are feeling in a funk, up-leveling our self-care routine can help tremendously.

We can do some low impact yoga exercises, take a long hot bath or get a massage.

Feeling super-fresh on the outside will have an effect on our internal state as well.

Dress up in your favorite clothes, do your make-up and hair. 

Treat yourself like the Goddess you are.  Get glamming!

10. Take the day off and have fun

If we work hard we have to make sure to also take time off for the activities that recharge us. We must listen to our bodies and follow its guidance on when we need a time-out.

Do not feel guilty about taking time off of life & business to have fun. In order to stay in alignment, it’s important that we honor all our needs and that certainly includes time for fun.

While we should have compassion for ourselves, and be as accepting as possible of what is, staying in the funk is not ideal. And so, it’s important to know how we can turn a bad day into a better one.  

We should try on different things and see what fits us. All of these suggestions will shift your energy and an online life coach can help too. So, take with you what resonates and create your own unique alignment toolbox!



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