5 Types of Energy Healing to Reduce Stress


The very word can raise our blood pressure and make us subconsciously stroke our furrowed brows! Stress is the very definition of pressure and strain; the people, situations, and forces that push against us or pull us apart.

Thankfully, there are many natural ways to relieve the inevitable stresses that pop up on the daily. This rundown of energy healing modalities will help you figure out the best holistic route for your needs.

1. Reiki Energy Healing

Cultivated by Japanese sensei Mikao Usui, this time-honored, sacred practice involves the “laying on of hands” to heal and distribute energy. Reiki falls under the umbrella term “energy healing” due to its roots in vibrational medicine, which involves manipulating energy on a quantum level. It’s essentially a non-invasive way to balance your emotional, mental, and physical aspects which, in turn, helps to eliminate stress.

Reiki is ideal for those who enjoy a relaxing, light touch method. In fact, some Reiki techniques involve zero touching – your practitioner may simply hover their hands above the body to work with the energy fields.The best part? You can practice Reiki on yourself! While it’s always best to opt for a traditional, in-person Reiki session with an attuned and experienced Master, you can practice simple techniques (like placing both palms on your face) to blast away day-to-day stresses. Reiki and stress may end up in the same sentence often as it is very helpful in shifting this tense energy.  Reiki for emotional healing is also very beneficial.

2. Acupuncture

It’s not as scary as it looks…promise! This Chinese medicine technique does involve needles, but not the type you typically find in your doctor’s office. Acupuncture needles are thin and flexible, and often don’t go deeper than .25-.50 inches. There may be some pain involved – not gonna lie – but a skilled practitioner knows how to avoid and lessen soreness.

How it works – needles are placed along meridians (energy pathways) in the body with the intention of releasing blockages and treating specific organs. Needles may be left in from 15 minutes to 45. So, it’s safe to say that acupuncture is an intricate, delicate method that’s best suited for a patient patient.

You may be wondering how inserting needles all over your body is an energy healing method that helps relieve rather than induce stress. After all, becoming a human porcupine may not be your go-to method for finding inner peace. However, with regular application, acupuncture can help release endorphins into the body, lower cortisone levels, and encourage circulation to release toxins.

3. Reflexology

Finally! A great excuse for a foot massage! Reflexology is the energy healing method of pressing certain points of the hands and feet to treat various areas of the body. The idea is that each area of your soles and palms correspond to a different organ or area, so manipulating those areas may bring relief to the ailing systems.

In general, the reflexological layout of the foot matches the layout of the body. The toes correspond with the head, the arch with the stomach, the heel with the lower back and bowels, etc. Stress relief can be achieved by massaging the areas that correspond to the common tension-filled parts of the body (the head, neck, and shoulders). Reflexologists also work with the four elements to balance energy. They may opt to tame excess fire to help lower stress and give the endocrine system a well-deserved break.

An added bonus of reflexology is that the very act of massage is a stress reliever in and of itself! Of course, you can research and practice the techniques on yourself (or sweet-talk your partner into a vigorous foot massage).

4. Chakra Healing

Chakras are wheels of energy that run through the center plane of the body. Each of these power centers corresponds to a different organ, emotion, and color. When a chakra is stagnant or closed, a variety of health issues can crop up. Energy healers typically cleanse and “open” the chakras, ensuring that the body is balanced on all levels.

As far as stress goes, all chakras may be assessed to find the squeaky wheel. For example, although a large amount of stress originates in the mind, you may find that you’re holding on to stress in the solar plexus area, the knees, or even the throat. The idea is to cleanse and balance each chakra, remove any stagnancies or blockages, and charge the body with energy.

Once again, this is an energy healing modality that can be practiced from the comfort of your own home. Familiarize yourself with the chakra system. Then try placing your hands on the power centers to see what comes up. You can never go wrong with a gentle hand to the forehead for instant stress relief.

5. Shamanic Healing

Shamanic energy healing is arguably the most metaphysical, spiritual technique on our little list. This sacred practice has been around since the dawn of time. It is the basis for many new age concepts. Shamanism essentially involves interacting with the higher realms in order to receive information and guidance. As not all of us are used to reaching higher states of consciousness, working with an experienced, trustworthy shaman is highly recommended for this practice.

Information may come through dreams, visions, or animals during a shamanic session, and it’s common for a shaman to use drums or rattles to achieve a trance-like state. If your goal is stress-relief, you may receive visions or information regarding your power animals, deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and anything/anyone else that’s helping you in your quest for calm.

Each experience varies, so be sure to approach this modality with an open mind and an open heart, welcoming the insights and synchronicities that come through from the higher realms.

Whichever energy healing method you decide to explore, the most important part is taking the first step. It is difficult to find your purpose when stress is at an all-time high.  If stress is a factor in your life, it’s time to heal that!  The unknown can be scary, but the effects of stress can be even scarier. Simply do your research, ask others for their experiences, and dive in. Since most energy healing methods are safe, natural, and risk-free, you have nothing to lose (except for that pesky stress monster, of course).

Have you tried any of these? Which one do you like best?

Leave a comment and let me know!


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