Herbal Remedies | Jane Barlow

Nature is our greatest healer, and herbal remedies are a gift from our plant life to us.

Oh goodness, I am excited to introduce my guest, Jane Barlow of Barlow Herbals. Barlow Herbals doesn’t just create herbals; they created the process, and they create with love. Their proprietary process called From Hill To The Home empowers you with proven education so you feel confident taking care of your health.

Barlow Herbals’ mastery has been passed down for generations. Co-Founder Max G. Barlow is known for his work on a very special extraction technique, and his work with Lomatium Dissectum, which we talk about in this episode. Since his passing, his daughter and my guest today, Jane Barlow ensures that Barlow Herbals continues to innovate and grow, while they make elite formulations available to a wider audience.


As most of you know, I recently shared 21 things that I love on The Soul Frequency Love List.  I received inner guidance to do this over and over again.  You know how sometimes your intuition almost starts yelling at you because you haven’t listened yet? This was my experience with the Love List, so I finally sat down and typed it out.  I’d be honored if you would sit and peruse the Love List 

Jane’s company, Barlow Herbals is on the list because I love them, and use them in my home.  I cannot say enough good about her as a woman, fellow human, and as the creator of powerfully healing products. She infuses all of her products with the frequency of love, which is a high frequency and powerful healing energy.


I will be talking more about various frequencies, and how to know if you are resonating high or low on the frequency scale. I will be shifting low frequencies in the 5 weeks we will spend together for The Soul Frequency Experience. 

When we bring together our frequencies into the group setting, I will be amplifying everyone as a whole, and expanding the individual and collective human potential.  

Frequency is a fun world to create and manifest in. We have a limited number of spots so, it is a good idea to save a space if you feel called to it. To read more about The Soul Frequency Experience go to TheSoulFrequency.com to join us.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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