nutrients for mental health

4 Important Nutrients for Mental Health

Did you know that your physical health can greatly influence your mental health? Consider the most physically-healthy person you know. Most likely, they enjoy a clear mind, optimistic outlook, and a healthy amount of self-confidence, to boot. When it comes to nutrients for mental health,...

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Frequency of Disease

The Frequency of Disease

Once we have the facts and figures in front of us, it’s clear to see that the frequency of disease vibrates at a lower vibration than our bodies are used to; it’s not hard to understand how and why disease of any kind can lower...

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Anxious or Depressed

5 Foods to Avoid When Feeling Anxious or Depressed

Food not only plays a major role in our physical health, it can affect our moods as well. Experiencing anxious or depressed feelings can make us reach for a tub of ice cream or zip through the nearest fast food drive-through, but unhealthy eating practices...

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Insulin and Cortisol

5 Tips for Balancing Insulin and Cortisol

Although estrogen, progesterone, and leptin are the more popular hormones, insulin and cortisol are major players, too. Insulin is produced by the pancreas, and helps manage sugar levels, while cortisol is a steroid hormone (also known as the stress hormone) that primarily manages metabolism, the immune...

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hormone imbalance

11 Signs That Your Hormones Might Be Out of Balance

There are many telltale signs of hormonal issues that most of us write off as “normal.” While symptoms such as fatigue, sugar addiction, and overeating can be caused by various factors, hormone imbalance is a common culprit. The following key indicators are the body's way of...

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sweating for weight loss

The Top 6 Benefits of Sweating

The word “sweat” is synonymous with hard work, heavy lifting, exercise, and other strenuous (and sometimes unpleasant) practices. However, releasing fluids from the body is not only necessary for general health and wellbeing - it can also help with weight loss. Best of all, you...

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immune system

Does the Immune System Have Morals?

When we think about morals - the lessons we’ve learned, the behaviors we’ve adopted, our personal “rights” and wrongs” - the immune system likely doesn’t factor in. However, did you know that the immune system itself has a set of morals? Each of us has...

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Energy Healing

5 Types of Energy Healing to Reduce Stress

Stress. The very word can raise our blood pressure and make us subconsciously stroke our furrowed brows! Stress is the very definition of pressure and strain; the people, situations, and forces that push against us or pull us apart. Thankfully, there are many natural ways to relieve...

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