5 Crystals That Build Self-Confidence

Tough experiences happen to everyone from time to time, causing sadness, fear, and doubt; or even creating a blow to your self-confidence.

These experiences are challenging and may leave you gasping for straws on how to get your power back and move forward with confidence once again. Something that can help are crystals for self-love and confidence.

Many times when life throws us blows our energy is knocked off balance, and it can feel hard to get back on track.  It can even disrupt the energy centers (chakras) in the body, namely the sacral plexus chakra.

A thriving sacral chakra uplifts your energy, provides guidance and helps you maintain your emotional stability. It is important for feeling confident in following your passions. When your sacral chakra is unbalanced, it can make you feel afraid, insecure, and doubtful about your potential.

Crystals have been proven to have healing properties that can help you get through a tough time. If you feel this way now, here are some crystals that build self-confidence, increase your self-worth, and empower you:


From its name, it represents light and happiness. It is a healing stone that brings a flood of light to the darkest corners of your mind, making it one of the best stones to clear negative thoughts.  Sunstone helps you expose your inner strength and shine in life.  It can even bring out your hidden talents.

Rose Quartz

A crystal for self-love, the rose quartz is popular in the crystal world for being the stone of unconditional love. With this stone, you will learn how to love and accept yourself, which is the first step in feeling confident in your own skin. It also helps dispel fear and suspicion so you can improve your outlook in life.


This stone helps you break through emotional walls.  It helps show you the positive and dark sides of your being. From there, you can work on releasing all the negative repression you have in the past. It is a stone of forgiveness and will help you forgive yourself so you can receive more love.


Also known as “the true worry stone”, variscite is a calming stone that takes away your nervousness, worry, fear, and impatience. It allows you to do away with pretense to help you show your real self to the world.  Put it under your pillow to bring peaceful sleep.

Picture Jasper

Free yourself from stress and fear when you use this stone. It gives you the strength to face the ghosts of your past by providing you the wisdom and confidence to understand your experiences better. It encourages inner journeying and helps alleviate fear and anxiety.

How to Use Crystals That Build Self-Confidence

There are several ways you can use the crystals above to increase your self-confidence. It’s best if you find varied options on how to use them that will fit your lifestyle, so you won’t leave them hidden in a corner of your drawer.

Also remember, when using your crystals, you must have a well-thought-out intention for them to boost your self-confidence while clearing fear and doubt because this gets instilled in your daily thought pattern and becomes part of the stone’s energy.

Here are some ways to include them in your daily routine:

  • Wear them around your neck and close to your heart. Let your crystals remind you that you are worthy to be in this world and they can help you become confident in everything you do.
  • Use the crystals as jewelry. Not only do you harness their energies while wearing them, but they also look good on you. You can also change up the crystals you wear each day depending on your mood.
  • Meditate with the crystals when possible. Find a quiet space and connect with your stones through a simple meditation. Hold the crystals in your hand while doing so.
  • Place your crystals in areas you frequent – your desk at work or scattered through your home. It will help remind you that you are worthy and that there’s no need to be scared.
  • Carry your crystals and stones with you in your purse so you stay connected to their energy while you are out. When you touch your crystals, visualize that it is helping you raise your energy and self-worth, with no room for worry.
  • By connecting with your crystals, you give yourself the chance to realize your highest potential. It can also strengthen the love you feel for yourself, and help you feel more grounded, secure, and loved.

Let the crystals choose you! Crystals for confidence and communication as well as self-love are powerful in your environment. Listen to what your mind, body, and soul are attracted to. It may not be on the list above, but if it’s what you are attracted to, then connect with it and use its energy to clear fear and doubt.


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