5 Steps To Finding Your Passion

People with great passion can make the impossible happen


 So, what are some steps we can take to find our passion?

We all have something that we are passionate about. That activity or cause that makes us jump out of bed in the morning with excitement ready for a new day. Passion is part of living a .

Some people have great clarity around what their passions are at all times high-frequency life, they’ve always known, while others must do some soul-searching before they rediscover it. It is, however, important to remember that we’ve all got it.

Even if you have no idea of what your passion is at this time, you can get closer to the embodiment of your most passionate self by getting to know yourself at a deep level.  Here are some tools for how to find your passion and purpose.

Here are 5 Steps to Finding Your Passion:


1. Inner Work

When it’s cloudy inside of us it will be difficult to see anything at all. Clarity around our passion requires a clean inner environment. When we are calm and our heart is open, it’s a lot easier to get in tune with what excites us the most.


Meditation on passion is a great tool that gives our thinking mind a break. Meditation will also bring us into a calm state where we are being reminded of who we are underneath all the layers. Further, it assists us in noticing all the subtle hints and signs from the Universe that a chaotic mind will often overlook.

It can also help us to recognize where we have fears and blocks that are standing in our way.

And it can guide us to awareness of where we may be self-sabotaging.

Journaling or drawing

Usually, our passion is something we include in our day in some way or another.

Whether we are acting it out, talking about it, or simply thinking about it, our passions are part of us.

By journaling or painting, without force, we can begin to recognize what our soul wants more of.  When we create without conscious mind interference we connect with our true selves and our core desires. 

Some people like to express themselves through words and thus may gravitate towards writing. Others are more visual and may prefer to express themselves in images. Feel into it and find what works for you.

2. Collect all your Ideas 

Ideas are in the air. They come to us in bits and pieces, often when we are busy doing something else, like taking a walk or driving down the road. They seem to come out of nowhere and sometimes they don’t make much sense to our Ego self.

However, it’s very important that we write these ideas down because eventually, they will form a picture.  If you desire to find your passion, set an intention to do so.

Then, like a detective, collect all the pieces of information you receive. Gather it all without any judgment.

3. Ask people you know for help

People that know us well can be a great help in identifying our unique strengths because they see from an objective standpoint. 

We may not be aware of our greatest qualities because they come naturally to us.

However, what comes naturally to us may not come naturally to the people around us, which makes it easy for them to recognize it as a unique strength that we possess. Finding purpose in life begins with knowing who we are in our most natural state.

Ask your loved ones to write a list describing all of your best qualities.

4. Notice what you are doing when you lose track of time

What are you doing at those times when you forget to eat? When we are doing what we are passionate about we may completely lose track of space and time.

Try visualizing yourself as a child. What did you love to do? What kind of activities brought you the most joy and made the hours of your day fly by? Write down whatever comes up.

5. Look to the people you admire and content you consume

Look to the people you admire. Who are you inspired by? What are they doing with their lives?

The people we gravitate towards and admire can reveal a great deal to us about who we are.  Find a manifestation course, listen to a podcast, reach a new book that you gravitate towards.

Noticing what kind of content we spend our days consuming is very helpful. Who and what are you reading, watching, listening to all day?

Spend a week being conscious of the content you consume and the kind of people you gravitate to. See if it can bring you closer to finding your passion.

Live out loud

Passion is that strong energy that drives us towards achievement. 

Gandhi put it this way:

A burning passion coupled with absolute detachment is the key to all success.”

When we love what we are doing and we wake up every morning with joy, we remember that life is play. When we are passionate about something we do it simply for the sake of doing it. Not for the sake of getting somewhere.

In this way, living a passionate life allows us to be in gratitude for the present moment. The only moment there is. And so, we manage to remain detached from external outcomes. And then, real happiness is ours.

If you have a hard time finding your passion, relax. Often finding our passion comes as a delightful side-effect of getting to know we truly are.

Enjoy the process of discovering and becoming the most passionate version of yourself.

Give big, laugh a lot, and have tons of fun. Every new day is potentially a new life, so find the courage to live out loud!




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