Are You Unknowingly Blocking The Frequency Of Success?

Why is it that some individuals enjoy plenty of success and have tapped into the flow of great rewards into their life while others seem unable to receive abundance?

What is blocking you from success? Unfortunately, some people are unknowingly and unconsciously blocking the frequency of success. They don’t receive the success this universe is ready to offer and end up feeling frustrated and often times stuck.

Read on to find out whether you are inadvertently blocking the frequency of success intended for you. Most importantly, discover the steps you can take to clear out your energy blocks to get you back on the path to success.

The three core ways we are blocking the frequency of success:


1.You don’t believe it is possible

Everyone claims they want to be successful, but there is more to it than simply claiming to want a certain reality. For a lot of people, the desire to live in abundance persists, but somewhere deep inside themselves, they don’t believe. Therefore, they act as though it isn’t possible.

When you don’t truly believe success is meant for you, you start inadvertently blocking the frequency of success. Some of these beliefs are deeply rooted in our childhoods. Some adults grew up in a negative environment that programmed them to believe wealth and abundance was only for certain people. Others grew up in households where success was viewed as negative.

Others simply believe they are not deserving of it or that they lack ‘something’ such as skills or talent, to attract success into their lives. Think back to your childhood, when most of your beliefs and behaviors were formed. Can you identify any success, abundance, wealth or money beliefs that aren’t serving you in attracting in your life?

2. Unable to receive

Success is not just a one-way flow of energy; it is a two-way street that should maintain a balance between giving and receiving. If you are in an unbalanced state, meaning you give all that you have while simultaneously being closed off to ever receiving anything, then you aren’t in the frequency of success.

Being aligned with the frequency of success means being open to giving abundantly as well as receiving abundantly. What are your thoughts on receiving? What are your thoughts on giving? A lot of people are comfortable with giving; but for one reason or another, they have trouble receiving.

This is especially true for women, who have been raised to be givers and not request their needs be met. This leads to a big imbalance in your energy. If your ‘default’ is set so strongly in one way, it cannot function to attract success towards you; and if it does, you ward it off because you feel undeserving of receiving it.

Are you uncomfortable receiving as well as giving? Do you feel like you are constantly exhausted by the amount you give? This is a key sign your energy is out of balance and you are blocking the frequency of success.

3. Resonating at a frequency of lack

Humans have a unique tendency to gravitate towards a frequency of lack, but this energy state does you a disservice when it comes to attracting success into your life. The state of lack is a negative reinforcing energy cycle that only focuses on what you don’t have; meaning you don’t have the energetic capacity to focus on what you have, as well as attract what is rightfully yours.

When you turn your frequency around to the energy of abundance, you, in a sense, create the river of energy that will once again begin to attract a positive flow of abundance back into your life.

To begin the change in energetic narrative, take some time to think about what you are grateful for. What aspects of your life make you feel in abundance? In what aspects do you feel like you lack, and how can you reframe this belief into one that starts you towards creating change?

What are you grateful for? Is there anything in your life in which you feel abundant now? How can you change the way you feel about lack and turn it into a positive abundance attracting energy?

Attitudes towards lack are hard to break by yourself. However, if your intention is to become successful, then this is the first step on the road to freedom and receiving your birthright. Besides, how much better would you feel by simply having a more positive outlook on a daily basis?

Stop blocking the frequency of success and clear a new path.

Do any of these energetic blocks sound familiar? Start your journey on a new path towards success, by spending time focusing on each of these three key components. Identify where energetic blocks are an issue for you.

Many people will hold some of these energy-blocking beliefs from time to time, and the best way to resolve them is to clear out your energy blocks and stop blocking the frequency of success.


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