The Toxic Home Transformation By Ryan Sternagel

The Toxic Home Transformation | Ryan Sternagel

We are going to be talking about ways we can have a toxic home transformation.   The coolest thing is that you may have heard of a few tips, but we are going to share some surprising details that you probably have never heard of, but really need to.  It is no mystery that there are a lot of toxins in our environment, but wholly moly there are some scary ones in our homes! My podcast guest today is not only building a non-toxic home right now from scratch, but you are going to find out why this is so important to him. 

This week I had cancer coach, father, and co-founder of The Stern Method, Ryan Sternagel on the show.  In 2014, he and his wife, Teddy, discovered a lump on their then 1 year old son’s back which turned out to be stage IV cancer.  Through the process of conventional treatments they started alternative therapies to help support and heal their son, Ryder’s body and with great success.  They now have an online hub of resources for childhood cancer and tons of resources for healthy living.

Quote from Ryan Sternagel

“The place where you spend the most time is your home, and it turns out you have absolute control over what you are exposed to in your home.  It is becoming more of a topic to talk about EMFs and mold issues.  We are learning how homes can be sealed so tightly these days for energy efficiency – combined with the building materials they are using – it can be a breeding ground for mold. 

People are getting more and more aware of the chemicals used in construction and in cleaning products and personal care products.  So the awareness is growing; but it was our instinct from day one to completely turn our home inside out and upside down, and make it a place that promotes health and healing in every way we possible. Rather than the flip side, if you haven’t thought about this stuff, it is probably not a place that promotes health and healing.   It probably promotes sickness and disease so we created this event to help others.”  ~ Ryan Sternagel

On today’s podcast episode

about the toxic home transformation, Ryan shares tips for getting toxins out of your home environment, what we can learn from how Ryder interacts with his environment, and how you can learn from the top experts about reducing the toxins in your home!

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If you haven’t had the chance to download the guided meditation that I have been talking about in the last few episodes, grab it now!

Also, don’t forget to listen to the end of the episode for this week’s new take action item!

To find out more about Ryan Sternagel and The Toxic Home Transformation visit this website.

toxic home transformation with ryan sternagel

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