Life Without Lids | Shanna Lee

What’s trapping you in from feeling truly empowered? Maybe it’s something I refer to as a “lid.” Don’t worry, you can live your life without lids.

A spiritual lid is anything that keeps us from feeling or seeing our truth. It could be food, alcohol, sex, shopping, avoidance, distraction, over-exercising… The list goes on!

Some people call it ‘addiction’, but I don’t like that word because it implies that a person is too far down a road to make changes—it’s not a very empowering word, is it?

But sometimes we don’t admit to ourselves that what we’re doing is preventing us from living to our fullest potential.

What do you turn to when you feel emotionally overwhelmed? Where don’t you want to look?

If you’re ready for transformation, it starts by being honest with yourself! In this episode, I talk all about these lids and how to let them go so that you can experience truth and freedom—hit that play button to learn more!

In this podcast episode:

—What does your soul self REALLY want?
—A powerful question for when you feel the urge…
—Peeling back the layers of addiction
—A little bit about my own experience with lids
—What you can gain by letting go!

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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