How To Stop Giving Up And Start Playing The Long Game

Have you ever given up on something and looked back thinking maybe you could have made it work?

Giving up happens in relationships, with our health goals, in business, and in every area of life. You might secretly be thinking, I know I need to stop giving up on my dreams.  So, let’s learn how to stop giving up.

We live in a time of fear being triggered around every corner.  Many industries profit from us living in fear: people will buy all sorts of things thinking they are protecting themselves.  This root of fear shows up all over our lives, and it drives the desire for immediate success.

We generally do not want to feel fear.  So if we step outside of our comfort zone and try something new, we will not give it much time before we jump ship and run as fast as we can back to our comfort zone for a bit of relief—and a hot meal to boot.  That desire for immediacy is all too common today due to constant accessibility through technology. Coupled that desire with the undercurrent of fear being sold to us daily, and we raise the probability on giving up.

Giving up happens in relationships, careers, dreams and so much more.  Most people are playing the short game these days and give up before any new creation or relationship has time to flourish.  It usually happens because we are not seeing that the stage we are in is just a stage.  We don’t understand that feeling close to giving up is part of the process and that the feeling will dissipate if we don’t give in to it but have the courage to create our way out of it.  To understand and stop giving up, we have to understand the three creation stages and when giving up usually occurs.

Creation Stage One

At the beginning of creating anything, you must put extreme amounts of high-frequency energy toward what is being created.  Some call this “paying your dues.”  This time can also be called “relationship building.”  This requires focus and a certain amount of energetic output to give something the immense energy it needs to grow.

This is the stage where most people give up.  They believe it is too hard. It takes too much time or too much energy output.  They are not willing to keep generating at a high level continuously, especially since this often means other areas of their life don’t get as much attention.

This is the stage where disappointments happen, where there are many growing pains and lots of learning.  This is also the stage that is most revered and remembered fondly in the end. It is where there are great wins and firsts as well as great losses that teach us valuable lessons. It is difficult, while in the midst of this stage, to see that this extreme energy output will ever change.

This stage has the biggest probability of giving up.

Creation Stage Two

During creation stage two, the idea, relationship or endeavor is taking on a life of its own.  So much energy has been poured into it that it requires less energy to maintain and grow.  In relationships, things feel solid with a great foundation.  In business, there are likely now employees taking on some responsibilities and pouring their energy in as well.  One has learned resilience and knows that problems come up and solutions are always possible.  One has learned to pivot when necessary instead of throwing in the towel every time they hit a bump in the road.  There are significant wins and a smoother process for working through the kinks.

The probability of giving up is lower than in Stage One.

Creating Stage Three

This is where we often hear the words, “Now I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.” Or in personal relationships, “After all we have been through, I love you more than ever.” The energy expended in Stages One and Two is fueling Stage Three.  As one must always have their energy in it, they have likely figured out by this point how to be the most energy-efficient; which allows for new endeavors, new adventures, or streamlining systems.  This is where people enjoy a sense of fulfillment and mastery.  Sure, there are still bumps in the road, but by now there is such a strong foundation that bumps feel like pebbles.

The probability of giving up is the lowest.

Stop Giving Up

As far as giving up goes, it requires that we understand the creation stages and that we know that Stage One is just a stage.  It is not forever, and the energy expenditure is great and will benefit the other stages.  One must be courageous and committed and learn the art of pivoting instead of giving up.  We all have days where giving up feels like the right idea, but you have to dig deep and build internal resilience.  Sometimes our fortitude is tested to strengthen us, to challenge us, and to help us rise up to our greatest selves.

To stop giving up, you have to realize that giving up is a low frequency energy and usually ushers in a whole lot of disappointment and shame.  It may be better to do a little soul searching so you understand where you are in the creation process and make sure your expectations are accurate.  May you seek to grow, persevere, and take the road less traveled!


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