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Stop Fear | Eden Espinosa

The f word is intense. Fear is typically running people’s lives from the background without them even knowing it.  It is the reason we do or don’t do certain things in life.  It can rob us of our dreams and intentions, hold us back; and have us make quick, hasty decisions that aren’t in alignment with living our best lives.  It can keep us in dysfunctional relationships, keep us working at jobs we hate, keep us broke, depressed, and feeling uninspired in our lives.

Relationship Advice: How To Do Less And Receive More

Fear is sneaky. If we dig deep enough it is right at the core of everything that holds us back from every single thing that matters to us.  Understanding the fear mechanism and being able to master the fears in your own life, is beyond powerful.  It is life changing.  There is a famous quote by Jack Canfield that is so true…

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”


In this episode, Broadway Veteran and Singer/Songwriter, Eden Espinosa shared from the depths of her heart about fear.   She is best known for her role as Elphaba the green skinned witch in the Broadway show Wicked. 

It is easy to think that some people have less fear or that life is easier for them.  I assure you that no one escapes fear and that anyone who wants to create great things in their life has to transform their relationship to it.   Eden shares how to break the snowball effect of fear, how to have fear and still take action, and how to tap back into our deepest desires.

Eden Espinosa shares how to break the snowball effect of fear, how to have fear and still take action, and how to tap back into our deepest desires.

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