Frequency Hacking 101

While we are adept at biohacking, which is the process of using science-based concepts to take control of your entire health and wellbeing, frequency hacking is a newly created lesser known and lesser practiced concept. Frequencyhacking relates to the energy your body is exposed to as well as creates, and taking control of what your body absorbs and projects is fundamental to reaching optimal health.

A constant exchange of energy

How to have better energy? Our bodies are receptive to all the frequencies around us, which is why it is so important to make sure we pay attention to the energy we surround ourselves with. What we absorb has an effect on us on every level. We are always exchanging energy with everything in our environment, and it has an influence on our life.

Essentially, we are like tuning forks vibrating in alignment with what we are around. So, to grow and expand your life, knowledge, and awareness you must protect your energy and your space; which is where frequency hacking becomes an important practice.

7 ways to frequency hack your life

Take your energy frequency into your own hands today by following these seven steps towards a greater sense of emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

1. Clean out your environment

Your environment is a significant source of beneficial and detrimental energies. To take control of the energy in your environment, take a look at what you surround yourself with. Clean out the items you feel place an energetic burden on your life. This can include:

  • Cleaning out your closets
  • Cleaning out your drawers
  • Organize your spaces (home and work)
  • Cleaning out your garage
  • Donate anything you have not used in the past year

2. Ensure you are sleeping adequately

Sleep is a vital component of a healthy body. Without sufficient sleep, you simply can’t resonate at the level you wish. You’re then more likely to get lured into negative patterns as well as be more influenced by negative energy, which will only drag you down further. To ensure you’re getting quality sleep, make sure you:

  • Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night
  • Create a sleep friendly environment
  • Make sleep a priority to boost your energy for the next day

3. Complete a relationship inventory

One of the greatest sources of both positive and negative frequencies is other people. While it may be difficult to evaluate the relationships you have in life and business and how they impact your own energy and overall wellbeing, doing so can make a world of difference when it comes to your daily experience. When you identify and remove people who contribute little more than negative energy, which drains you, you’ll begin to feel much more vibrant and better off for it. There is a relationship inventory checklist in The Soul Frequency Workbook – a bonus when you purchase the book The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy Awakened and Authentic Life.

4. Listen to high frequency music

Have you ever noticed how music can change your mood instantaneously? You may feel immediate joy from one song and shed a tear while listening to another. It should not come as a surprise that music comes with its own frequency. The frequency of the music you listen to can have a profound effect on how you feel.

There are specific tones and frequencies in music that can elicit healing in the body. For instance, music that resonates at 528 Hz or 444 Hz has been known to have emotional and physical healing effects on the human body.  You can find out more about healing frequencies at Attuned Vibrations or Wholetones.

5.Triggers from the past

How to heal emotionally? Everyone has experiences, places, or circumstances, which instantly trigger negative emotions. While everyone’s trigger is unique, they can often be easily identifiable things. Maybe a song, a place, a childhood home or school, a person, a street, a store, a habit; or other things more difficult to avoid and define, such as a smell, a memory, a time of the year such as a holiday, or an event.

If you have a past trigger that ties into one of these places, it may feel satisfying in the moment to get pulled into the negativity of the past, but it does you no good to get stuck there circling in the pattern of that emotion. It is effective to revisit the past to clear old emotional patterns with a skilled energy practitioner, but never to remain stuck in the pattern. Making positive and healing choices to step out of old patterns will cause your energy to return to its natural high frequency state.

6. Allow yourself to feel your feelings

We are raised to believe it is bad to experience negative emotions, but suppressing these feelings can cause illness in many forms. This emotion is energy and it needs to be allowed to flow, in a safe manner, up and out of your body. Most of the time, negative emotion is a wake-up call. It is an indicator that there is healing work to do or that something in your life is not good for your spirit, health, wealth, wellbeing, or mood.

7. Actively choose a better path

Your frequency is based on the choices you make in your life. If your life is feeling out of balance or any aspect is feeling negative, you can always remove yourself from situations, people, and places that are keeping your light dim. You will start to feel much better, but most importantly, you’ll start making conscious choices and actively choosing to spend time with people who make you feel as radiant as you deserve to be in this lifetime.


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