Is Reality Real? Understanding Quantum Science

We all want to believe that what we see is real, but is reality real? Are you working on creating your reality?

In almost every branch of science, it proves to be true, save for one – quantum science. Quantum reality theory and philosophy have been studied since the early 1900s through the work of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and Niels Bohr. It holds the single best theory of the Universe but differs in comparison to other scientific schools of thought regarding what we see when we look at the world around us. The fundamental rule in quantum science is that you can’t observe the world as it is because observation changes the molecular structure of reality.

Quantum theory tells us that an electron is both a particle and a wave and that we can never be certain how it will behave. Relativity tells us that clocks aren’t absolute, that distances depend on the observer, and that energy can be converted into matter and back again. These ideas are correct, but only show us the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a field for every known particle and, for each of them, the thing that we perceive to be a particle is just a localized vibration of that field. We supply energy to the field in particle collisions, causing them to vibrate. When we hear that “new matter” has been discovered, this means that we’ve caused the field to vibrate and are now observing the resulting vibrations.

You may want to read the paragraph above a few times and really ponder the question – is reality real?  This world of quantum science drives the human mind crazy and is sometimes hard to grasp. The world of small matter is difficult to understand with our common linear way of thinking. For instance, the linear mind wants to know the location of the electron. Is it in front of me? Is it beside me? After all, if observation makes it appear to change positions, where is it in truth?

We desire to pin down an answer, and yet, there is no fixed position for an electron. This inspires left-brain thinkers to label this phenomenon “woo-woo” because if the five senses can’t make sense of something it’s deemed impossible or “supernatural.”

The mind holds a strong view of what should be. The leap that is hard to make is that an electron does not actually pop into existence but is simply a probability cloud that shows you how likely it is that you will see the cloud.

Is your mind blown?

The answer is likely yes, as wrapping our heads around this belief requires us to expand our consciousness and start opening our minds.

So, this begs another question –

If Observation Changes Electrons, Is Reality Real?

I would venture to say that reality is highly subjective, which means that we are powerful creators of our personal realities. This is great news since many of us feel stuck and unable to live beyond some of our restrictive beliefs and societies’ expectations.  Embracing this school of thought allows us to deem these limitations as what they are – invisible, baseless claims.

Understanding that we are always creating our reality helps us manifest our true desires through inspired action. I’m not talking about the action that leaves you feeling drained, like getting up every day to battle traffic on the way to a job that sucks the life out of you. I’m talking about the kind of natural, flowing action that is a result of following your intuition and beginning to create the life that you came here to live at a frequency that feels best to you.

Here are a few ways that we create our reality:

Creating the Reality You Want

      • Raising your frequency
        As we’ve learned, frequency can be changed at will. Raising our personal frequency allows us to realize and harness our power. It inspires us to step into our full creative potential and bring our deepest desires into shape.
      • Spending time with supportive people
        Like attracts like, and being around those who have your highest interests in mind helps you fortify your inner support system. The best part is that connections of this kind are a win-win, and allow you to help raise the frequency of those who support you in turn!
      • Eating nourishing and natural foods
        Raising frequency through diet is an easy, enjoyable way to take hold of your reality. High-vibe foods, such as whole foods and organics, increase energy on all levels – physical, mental, and metaphysical.
      • Moving your body
        When the body is stagnant, energy can atrophy. It’s important to put some walk behind your talk and take physical action to manifest your desires (and add a spring to your step to boot).
      • Connecting to your intuition and taking inspired action
        We’re often so immersed in the five senses that we forget to tap into the sixth – our intuition. Using the lower mental and upper mental faculties is key to taking focused, mindful, inspired action to manifest our highest reality.

Creating the Reality You Don’t Want

      • Negative thought patterns about self and others
        When we dwell in the negative, we reinforce the limiting beliefs we hold about others and ourselves. Doing so keeps us in a low-frequency state, attracting fear, jealousy, lack, and a host of other calamities into our existence.
      • Spending time with people who are fearful, controlling, demeaning
        Have you ever felt completely drained of energy after engaging with a negative person? This is due to the fact that those who are in a constant state of fear bring us down with them. People who feel the need to dominate or demean affect our frequency, as well.
      • Living a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle
        You can wish all you want to, but if your actions don’t reach farther than the couch, you’ll find that all of your best-laid plans will not have room to grow. It’s important to take inspired action while being mindful of your thoughts. Strive to choose the healthiest options possible in order to feed and maintain your high vibes.
      • Not believing in yourself
        If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Even if you feel like your hands are tied or your skills aren’t refined, belief must be alive and well in your heart and your mind in order to manifest a new reality.
      • Stuck in low-frequency patterns and emotions
        Once we’re living in a low-frequency state, it’s easy to stay there. In fact, some may even feel more comfortable in this place of disconnect and negative repeating patterns. It’s important to face uncomfortable emotions and unhealthy patterns. Then transmute or transcend them by receiving skilled guidance.

Sometimes understanding the very nature of quantum science can effect positive change in our lives.  When we finally answer the question, is reality real?  We are set free from the dense, unmovable world that we perceive and see that we have more power to create than we previously thought we did.  Realizing that we’re the masters of our reality is a huge responsibility. However, with it comes the strength and knowledge to help us overcome obstacles, discover grace under pressure, and become the captains of our ships. We must simply embrace our power to create and expect the unexpected!


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